what have you heard?

you have most likely heard nothing from me, here, in a few days or so. life has taken me up in a mild storm of really not knowing what or if to write, not feeling all that pressure to come up with something to offer or compromise. i have been enjoying many things outside of the world wide web. things like, rushing like a mad woman to clean my tree house apartment for a clothesline show meeting. many of you say, that it takes a deadline for you to be motivated to do anything, something, forward motion. i too must admit that when it comes to cleaning i am motivated by a deadline.

this past monday was just that. i actually came around to organizing, vacuuming, and trashing a whole heck of a lot of useless stuff. i am still proud of myself for going through my million magazine mound and getting rid of my domino's and home companion's. don't worry, i did not throw them away, i took them down to the public laundry in my apt. building. i have to be honest though, i haven't liked domino very much at all. i feel a little sheepish about expressing my opinion, but i really haven't felt that strongly about a magazine before. except for all the internet rave i thought i'd be racking up on inspiration. when i started a subscription last year i was terribly horribly disappointed. the layout is so cluttered, it reminds me of page after page of advertisement. call me spoiled but one of the best magazines in the world in my mind continues to be martha stewart's living. i can't help it. domino demands a very high level of attention because it's creators seem to have some form of attention deficit. i can hardly tell when i have come to the end of an article or segment and gone on to the next. usually the design ideas are too shabby chic for me and don't seem relevant or contemporary enough. i must say my most favorite part of the book is the color coordinate tabs at the beginning of every single issue. they are so cool, i almost always tear them out to save them for other fav mags or books. i'm i crazy?
the clothesline meeting went super well. but i have to ask the public-readers-YOU GUYS, for help. we are looking for a company, preferably local, that can create and print tiny 1-2 inch radius circle stickers with artists names on them. we thought there was a place down on frazier past pisa pizza and standard ink but cannot find it? please help:just leave a comment!!!

i like many of you have a super busy summer and will be heading out in less than a week to gulf shores for my annual office beach trip. i'll be gone most of next week. after that i will only have about four weeks to complete several, close to 5 pieces of art for the clothesline show. the newest pieces i have been working on for weeks now, isn't even finished and honestly i'd rather it hang at fitness together. so four pieces here i come. it's crunch time.

plus there is tennis and biking, new tires, packing, working at the old rx, and family:friend time to think about and do as well.

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amber said...

mark said that you might try roxanne at graphic works on north market street.