catching my b.r.e.a.t.h

has been more difficult than i thought, hence my absense. i ended up getting some much needed zzz's over the weekend, but missed being with k and neglected the creative arena. am i rationing out my time? because i regret not having any to share with each and every last one of my friends. it must be the pangs of social withdrawl, after so much activity via clothesline. or possibly it's the imminent idea of quitting, finishing things up at the rx. woohoo. even so last evening was one of those devotional moments, i took to making some of these fantastic little shapes. i'm addicted to tracing and cutting and leafing through mag after mag searching for the slightest hint of goodness.
also extremely happy to show off a "tiny" collection of wire animals and small objects of happy-ness again. as if it were the first time. cwaimean?

can you relate?

meet ola

i want a sf painting

wish i could go, i really just like the poster though and it's creator and praying for his wife mostly.

dreaming about this little guy and wishing i could see them every day

can relate to her organizations only this is my top drawer

whose saying, enough with the links now? bye

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