cooking juice

isn't exactly the way i'd like to put it, but it is a little less confrontational, a little less abrasive, a little more creative than saying that the pressure is on, on you. if i were a blender i'd like to pulverize, mince this person to pieces. that person being, the "$14.96 guy/gal". this said, he or she decided it would be alright, justified waging war upon my banking account, more specifically my check card. "awh, whatever, it's only $14.96", they nonchalantly said as they purchased a "yahoo domain:*phantomcrimes". what they neglected to see, ignored to comprehend is that phantomcrimes will remain untouchable. it remains mine insofar as:

1. you have got to think i am an idiot if i don't question-quiry a charge that i know i did not charge to my account.

2. you will not steal my account information and make a small purchase for a website using my website name as your website name. i mean, yeah, it's possible, it happened but i am not letting it go quite yet. ha! you're not getting your domain with my moolah!

3. you oughta believe i know where you live

4. my bark is louder than my bite but i'm stressed about it, just a little bit. thankful mostly for internet banking and for being able to check my account every day, to regulate/prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.

5. also want to warn others that the leak, may have potentially happened through paypal.
6. i'd like to cook this said he or she for dinner. howdoyoulikemenow?
i'm going to round up this week by thanking david&the boys of cc for the nice writeup. it is a pleasure, it is affirmation, it is what i am here for as an artist, to be called upon, that is if you like my art, it is exciting and i cannot wait to have all of the loose ends wrapped up, after this weekend.
also a huge thank you to julian @ fitness together. if you're interested i have a handful of art hanging and he has graciously hung titles and prices. thank you.
while i'm at it moo is having a fling with facebook. talk about a blast of light at the end of the funnel! i'm not so sure i'm ready to partake but heck if you try let me know how it goes.
for those of you interested...the ethan collier fam has successfully, safely reunited here in the states. let the celebrations begin!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cat,
Congrats on the show, and on now having three nephews. I'm glad you are accomplishing so much these days.