go ahead:search me

i seem to remember reading somewhere along the lines, another blog, and her hilarious, slightly enlightening way of sharing how others were finding her blog by their searches. i have desperately wanted to share this funny wealth as well from the phantomcrimes perspect. searches and referrals are strange, and i wonder if what i write, will have any effect on, say, my job future or what have you. it's a curious thing, wondering how the words create a path, give an impression, and leave you with a tedious hedgy:superficial www reputation.

baby raccoon notecard art:on 06.22.07 i wrote about purchasing notecards and seeing baby raccoons while biking

three strikes:on 06.15.08 it's just seriously hilarious to see my own spelling errors, unga!

phillip sandee painting:you all remember this right?

button wreath:the ever popular, i never ever got around to making one, i hope this person looking for a tutorial actually found one.

i thought this one was funny. BI-LO employee handbook

how are tidal waves to fast

oh well, have a good weekend.

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