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believe me! i am not quite sure how these new shoes of mine came to be worthy of a post but they are. they're supposed to be my lifesaver. or rather my leg saver. over three weeks ago my left leg began bothering me up a storm. it's a nagging sort of dull pain, reminiscent of hyper extension or arthritis of the knee but behind the knee pain. really i think i must have done something while playing tennis and dread the idea of pain from growing older. it's inexcusable to be thirty one and have such pain. i suppose that's why if i don't join a gym or fitness together now, i never will and i may never find myself pain free. i definitely do not want to be an elder person hobbling around or rather transporting myself via hover round. it'll be a blessing if i don't shrink down to four feet, let alone be disabled to a rolling walker. so my new shoes, a once a year splurge, a must have, and a complete fine way to end my day.

in other news: i am nearly, if not finished with the coral castles project. i'm nervous about all of it. and don't even feel comfortable showing photos until i get the band approval. thankfully i've done a couple of things, incase one doesn't fit.

i'd also like to encourage any of you fellow bloggers to think about Blog Action Day. i know i'm thinking about it a little bit. no matter what your opinion of our environment and the constant conversation, drama, and urgency we seem to be creating regarding it, it's probably a really good idea to take some personal responsibility and or action, even if taking part in Blog Action Day is all that you do, at least you're apart. i'm going to think about the environment and my art and how it relates. afterall my art is about much of the environment {trees} and i'm specifically using, reusing, recycling paper and non toxic materials and adhesives to create. it's a worthy plug. and a challenge.

i think that's all i've got for the day.

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