forgive in order

it has been a dreadfully long time since i have blogged, i almost cannot believe i am back. making a slow comeback. wading through a whole lot of life changing sorts of things. i have made the physical transistion from the doctor's office to collier construction and all is good, i mean, good in a way that has yet to sink in completely. only because i'm regaining a level of self confidence that i believe got lost in the doctor office atmosphere. i say that only because my true god given gifts weren't exactly used to their full capacity at uoha, not by anyone's fault, just the nature of work and working outside of the home. the doctor's office absolutely prepared me for making a change, no doubt, the medical billing software was incredibly complex and medical oncology billing was even more of a daily challenge. so. moving on.

on one very exciting note, i did receive my macbook and have been extremely pleased. it has it's complications, but mainly because i've never used a mac. last night i actually deleted all of my photos, but not before transferring the majority on to flickr. waff!

i also have completed all of my paper quilts for the publishing deal, three old ones, five new ones, now i can finally begin working on some new things. awwwhh! and boy do i have some fresh ideas up my sleave. i've got wood grain contact paper!

and next up on the big o' list of things to do, is clothesline. we've got our dates nailed down, so now all i've got to do is get those applications set. i should have more time on my plate as well as "at home" wireless www, so i'll have those things cranked out and sent via the postal service before christmas. i hope to update the clothesline blog soon too!

obviously life hasn't stopped here. i am continuing this journey with a little bit more humpf! you know? i am recovering some joy and learning to trust, trust for the first times{s} in my life. stressful moments aren't taking control of me as much, i'm learning how to respond and compass my emotions in healthier ways. it's good, seriously.

i'm looking forward to the christmas holidays, maybe i won't have the bonus from uoha, but i'll have a new level of strength and faith and i'll have to resort to some fantastic financial and artist creativity. over the thanksgiving holidays i began to experiment with baking vegan style. i used a martha stewart piecrust recipe for the pumpkin pies and left out the real butter. i also made or adapted angry chicken's banana bread in a vegan delight, yummy! so healthy good. i really think i can start baking some incredible stuff. yes. i don't think i'll make my favorite spice cookies veganstyle though, unga.

take care folks and have a good weekend. are you glad i'm back?


in the eye

i currently feel like i am in the middle of the eye of a storm, a quiet silent way, with a great white rapid wind surrounding me. a down to the wire feeling has come over me without a doubt, but there isn't so much anxiety, just watching everything fly around me in all sorts of different directions. i am currently working on paper quilts for red lips 4 courage, they are to be published by lark sterling, in a diy book on paper quilts. the work in progress you see is only a hint of the blue quilt, the third of a total of five new quilts i must produce for this venture. the quilts will be shipped and photographed and then sent back to me, so i will actually beable to retain ownership of the quilts, but until then i think i'll have to keep things under wraps. i will keep you in mind molly i, you can have first dibs.
additionally i am feeling some strange pangs of anxiety, especially in regards to giving up my scrub pants. i'm telling you, it took me forever to save up money to purchase 27" inseam flare scrup pants and now i'm giving up the ghost. aside from giving up scrubs, which isn't really all that bad, i'm in love with the colors here. in my outfit as well as with the facial fish from lumene, i mean i know the fish are orange but it's the combo colored background. and my special occassion eye shadow. yum. aquateal and silver. i don't think i could live without the color. i'll post a little bit more tomorrow. i think i'm going to go with a refurbished mac on wednesday night. thank you all for grand congratulations! this time of my life has been amazing. today i was sitting here at work, and got an email from someone and just had to jump up and down with excitement. yeah it seems full of cheese, i know, but truly honestly growth is terribly fun. tomorrow i hope to share a new site, link i was recently introduced to, it's an amazing art site, critique and all. take care.


don't blame me

yeah i know it's been almost two weeks and nothing but full on neglect, nadaposting has become my regular. regardless i am still here. after 'rendering my resignation' with uoha i couldn't justify posting and plus i was planning a trip to destin, which fell through. i still took four days vacation and spent as much time with my sister in laws and nephews as possible. i also happened to finish a commissioned paper quilt. woohoo!

i actually finished this one for my nephew caleb and another, the first in my sample project pieces for the 'book publishing deal'. i'm now moving to the next piece. i'm afraid i won't beable to show any of my work for this specific project until probably after the book has been published. i'll ask and make sure though because i'd certainately like to share the progress and process.

i'm finishing up my days at uoha and probably won't have a whole lot of time to do anything but work, and will be purchasing a laptop for home as soon as possible. i went and tried on clothes yesterday and felt like a beluga whale, i'm so short, every little pound matters, or is it the clothes this season. really it's not that bad, i'm just eager to get through the next few months paying for my own health insurance, so that i can join the gym, i've not yet decided which one to join yet. not real interested in the ymca, i'm willing to pay for a personal trainer, at least for a little while, to build my moto factor up again. i am looking forward to all of the upcoming projects, both with the quilts, may 2008 clothesline artshow, working for collier construction, working out, holiday projects, family times, oh i'll say it again how time flies.

thank you all for your incredible words of encouragement and celebration, i'm really super excited about the changes going on here. i still cannot believe it, it's all happening so quickly. thank you.