don't blame me

yeah i know it's been almost two weeks and nothing but full on neglect, nadaposting has become my regular. regardless i am still here. after 'rendering my resignation' with uoha i couldn't justify posting and plus i was planning a trip to destin, which fell through. i still took four days vacation and spent as much time with my sister in laws and nephews as possible. i also happened to finish a commissioned paper quilt. woohoo!

i actually finished this one for my nephew caleb and another, the first in my sample project pieces for the 'book publishing deal'. i'm now moving to the next piece. i'm afraid i won't beable to show any of my work for this specific project until probably after the book has been published. i'll ask and make sure though because i'd certainately like to share the progress and process.

i'm finishing up my days at uoha and probably won't have a whole lot of time to do anything but work, and will be purchasing a laptop for home as soon as possible. i went and tried on clothes yesterday and felt like a beluga whale, i'm so short, every little pound matters, or is it the clothes this season. really it's not that bad, i'm just eager to get through the next few months paying for my own health insurance, so that i can join the gym, i've not yet decided which one to join yet. not real interested in the ymca, i'm willing to pay for a personal trainer, at least for a little while, to build my moto factor up again. i am looking forward to all of the upcoming projects, both with the quilts, may 2008 clothesline artshow, working for collier construction, working out, holiday projects, family times, oh i'll say it again how time flies.

thank you all for your incredible words of encouragement and celebration, i'm really super excited about the changes going on here. i still cannot believe it, it's all happening so quickly. thank you.


katiek said...

Looks awsome Cat!! I am ever so excited about your publishing. Maybe we should have a once a day in November until we're all done. Maybe just photos, posting them when convienient. Starting tomorrow :)

Shashi said...

Cat! Congratulations on the new job. I understand transitions and major changes, hence my disappearance off of blog land in a while. But I'm back, and would love to reconnect. Come visit the new blog when you have some time and your new laptop. In the meantime, good luck with the first day of your new job!

Frank said...

I hope you can get every thing you want to!