a wish list

oh man. i should have warned myself. taken more heed but felt a nervousness to get a new computer fast. i am experiencing the learning curve per mac and blogger. i have successfully figured out how to uploaded my photos. i have mozilla now as of right now, for blogger. i have instruction from every direction, part of it's free and part of it well is raising my state of awareness which is free as well but makes me feel slightly queazy. the holidays are on, aren't they. this may be the first year i have had my christmas tree up before the twentieth of the month.

now it is to baking and shopping and editing and making more art and to clothesline and making a wish list. i feel like in the scheme of everything that exists i already have every little bit of everything i need. christmas has to be about what we want or else, else what? i still want high speed so fast speed internet in my apartment but i don't know that would be and appropriate item to wish for. i still want to be thinner and i'd like to look really sweet in leggings but who is going to do that for me? i'd like a year's supply of coffee and pumpkin spice soy milk, with a way to foam it up.

but i am positive that most people would like to find a gift to buy for me that isn't as well ridiculous. seeing as how i am about to have a whole lot of art to make it makes sense to wish for art supplies all of which can be purchased from dick blick
canvas any size
paint brushes
mod podge
origami paper
acrylic paint:liquitex
i'd also like some more wood grain contact paper something in a lighter shade
i have bought myself two rolls of the darker stuff... so.

how about a little one of these or this one. wooo&ahhh.

and i found these beautiful earrings on etsy and have only been able to resist because my birthday is this month too.

i'd love to support this artist. i'd just have to frame these, i think.

alright my battery is running on reserve, how many times has that sentence been written.

i will have continue this asap.

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