before and after

okay so yeah i am at work and am not working but it is friday and i feel really caught up, no i mean really caught up. wishing it were another sunny day like yesterday and thinking this weekend's weather is surely going to be as they predict, all the way shoddy.
i miss blogging like crazy and can't believe i continue to find myself so far away from it all. not better off by any means nor less than i was before but stuck in the middle with lukewarm thoughts of every returing full time everyday. it's affording that i hate and also the book club conversation we had last month that conjured up sum sticky feelings about blogging. you know the book of laughter and forgetting by milan kundera? g. alexander made a very good point at book club that's got me kinda flustered. wondering, knowing really i'll never be a writer, never wanted to be a writer, just loved communicating with people far and wide. no real dreams or goals of becoming a world famous blogwriter. do you all happen to remember that corny little show called ghostwriter. it was for kids on like public television, always a mystery. man i loved that show even as a teenager. whatever happened to better television?
last weekend was all about clothesline, this weekend i will have the letters to artists out in the mail. i'm making a big bowl of fruit salad and a new piece of art. those two things are my only plans. it is rest and relaxation for this old girl.
so um the home above is well not mine and that's all i'll say about that. i mean it is one that collier construction is remodeling of course but there again, don't want to give away too much information plus if you want to see more go to here. i love working here, i mean it. finding life to be a little less stressful every new day. take care everyone.


jen said...

yo... i loved ghostwriter too! so cool... miss that fun stuff.

glad things seem to be a bit calmer post clothesline madness.

miss seeing ya more

Anonymous said...

I love having you.

Ethan Collier