passage this

Oooo...come out this saturday night to the passages reception closing! there is some nice art and even nicer people and probably a little bit to eat and drink. plus if i haven't seen you in a while it would be great to see you there. i have one piece that i created especially for this show. i have kept the piece slightly underwraps because honestly i never got a good image of it. i was asked to be in the show less than two weeks before it opened and had very little time to complete the piece and get it ready to hang, so no pic, you'll just have to come out and see it in person.

in other news on the bside of things, i have decided i don't have the time to write a grant proposal right now. i am disappointed in some respects but would feel completed dissatisfied if i could not devote myself completely to it, being torn between organizing clothesline and making art work and music. it's all a little too much and i am needing more me time to write and read and watch non violent public television.

i have many emails to send out and many communications to begin and news about a trip i am planning to take in may after the clothesline show but, can't share too much quite yet until fellow travelers and agenda is completed or something along those lines. basically i can't say where i am going or who i am going quite yet. but i'm excited and think a vacation will be fantastic. book club is tonight and i'm a little over half way through the book so we shall see, can't wait for the discussion...
bye for now.

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