happy summer

today is a work day. early morning freezer paper stencil-made. new art work for upcoming art ed council auction and trying my hand at simple, yet blurry polaroids.

in my mind it is never too late to try something new, for me that is. i have always used polaroids as a means of taking head shots, silly and serious head shots of myself, none of which will ever make debut here or there. they will stay hidden between my journals.

summer here today is making itself known, a tumble of thunder mixed with a sizzling humid bolt of lightening. yum, cook me up some. you know i'm dorky. as soon as i posted "csa" i heard the words, on the t.v. so yeah. the rest of the day i am going to help a person celebrate their birthday. we shall see how that goes. have a happy first or second day of summer, wherever you are at.

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