::balloon trees::

just now completed newest 12"x12" ::balloon trees:: and wish i could come up with a better title.  i will.  this is number five for the clothesline.  i would like to have a minimum of ten to contribute, show or sell but, i am just not going to push myself this go around.  i have been trying a couple different things this time and it's pretty important to me to get it right, not perfect but, get the right feeling.  i am also pretty concerned about color.  i wanted to work on having works that complimented one another.  i also have always wanted to use the tissue paper background as a means to define landscape.  i have done it before but felt a little wishy-washy about it and wasn't sure if i could mix it up.  i know i'm going to have to purchase more canvas, i've got one left and need about four more.  i'm also going to work on finding some nice plastic green templates.  granted you're not sure what i'm talking about, nonetheless i'm going to find what i'm looking for eventually.  then i'll show you what i mean.  

it's late, the olympics are on in the background.  i am pretty certain i can manage my day tomorrow on just 5 hours of sleep.  no problem.  i'll catch up on saturday.  i'll be working on the clothesline guest list spreadsheet saturday, we'll have the invites out in the mail on monday. the only other thing i keep thinking about is a good shortbread recipe.  i roasted ten potatoes with onions and garlic, made a tomato, cuc and onion salad and felt like the shortbread would balance the meal, i looked but not very hard. 

finishing up my fourth year of blogging, here at phantomcrimes.  only like four hundred and fifty posts, i think.  anyway.  happy #4 to me and to all of you who have continued to read and contribute your thoughts and encouragement a long long long the way.  thank you sweet people of the world.   

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katiek said...

Looks wonderful Cat. I have a shortbread recipe I need to give you. Mom's Xmas recipe.