in honor of stay at home week it seems like a good idea to remind oneself of what's good about being home.  

i came home from work and found a large watermark in the ceiling of my small hallway.  i found a broomstick to punch at the mark with, to see how sopping wet it might really be.  it wasn't.  the leaking ceiling thing has happened before, once when my "above me" neighbor left his bathtub to overflow.   i know how much moving is going to be a challenge for me but, it is becoming more of reality everyday.  i have flip-flopped between buying or continuing to rent and i think, due to the housing flimflam, i'll wait to buy and settle on the rent.  i am alright with that as long as i can find something downtown.  the leaky ceiling will help me find a more suitable living arrangement when i am ready.  i know that and that's why it's good for me, to stay at home.  surf the apartment guides and chose wisely and be diligent in this.

i have a huge pile of clothing that has piled up, the giveaway kind and it'll be nice to add to that pile and donate it this week.  check in, i might not even get to it.  

crossword puzzles are my secret before bed time addiction.  i neglected to find the upcoming bookclub book at any of my local bookstores so i am afraid i won't be attending this month.  i have no idea what it might be like to go to bed with someone every night after years of not, having some kind of personal before bed time ritual.  crosswords remind of the laundry i need to do and the sheets that needed to be washed and changed.  

there is cleaning to do, major cleaning.  i know all that i have done in the last months has been to make tons of art.  i have a break until a little while.  a week.  maybe?  before i oughta get back to it.  like i keep saying, i'm going to.  mopping and washing and organizing doesn't seem as fun as looking at cute, inspiring things on the web.

there is so much to do in one week.  a lot to be thankful for if all i did not want to do and decided to look.  there's a bridge for chattanooga, if i get bored of being at home this week.  there are about a billion "bail-out" of the things i ought to do-things and great art to look at on flickr, to study and be again and again thrilled by.  anyone else tired of wallstreet//gov-funding 101, join me in looking around this week. 

a.  k masback - reminds me that line+color=joy
b.  a tucker - simplicity+color blocks=grand complexity and close to perfection composition
c.  saucysiouxie - subtle and sharp/quiet and loud=can be found and achieved simultaneously
d.  isabel nadal - paint can do the same thing that i am used to paper doing for me=blobs/blocks of color
e.  andrea ebert - black and white are important=i will be focusing to refine this value in the paper medium

looks like i am going to end up being busy.  i figure i have the pleasure of staying home this week.  i wasn't planning on going anywhere anyway but now that the television tells me i can feel free to be here in the place i love the most, i mine as well.

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