despite it all

today felt like a blur. and despite it all i came away feeling completely unscathed. and more than a little excited, thrilled to be sure. what might have been an unbearable struggle has now become something of a small miracle. i am especially thankful for the cooler weather, otherwise tromping around this morning would have been a sweaty mess. and i am clearly looking forward to a new perspective, and cannot wait to wake up to a new scene. a brand new view. i'm taking the west side. there is a whole lot more work and a whole lot more strategy to go over but i think i can say, a tad sheepishly, that i feel like everything that can be, is under control. that is the leak has stopped. the water is back on. and life as i have known it for the past six years will continue on but only for another very short little while, hence the sneak peak of the new treehouse apartment. if you read often and know me at all, keep me in your thoughts and say a little prayer for me, that i remain a heap o' joy throughout this great big change to come. the nervousness is nipping at me just a little. i'll do my very best to keep you posted as this thing, my life, and the changes become more in focus. good night. all.

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