::haunted window trees:: & apt life

just finished ::haunted window trees:: this evening. hope it's "scary" enough for the "scary stuff" show coming up october 29 at createhere. it's a change for me, to start with a dark black palette of tissue paper. by adding the creamy white paint, and red and gold splattered paint i hoped it would look like blood and bones. and that's about as creepy and dark as i think i can get. don't know but think it's a fairly successful addition to the overall series of trees. maybe it's the turn or corner in my perspective i needed. not necessarily darker themes but darker palettes.

i'm also facing a ever growing hole in my ceiling. today i came home to the exposed pipes and wires and more dripping water. don't worry though, i've gotten my safety gear together, going to bed with my life preserver on and whatnot. just taking everything day by day here. i did however get to my closet tonight and gathered three bags of give me away clothing. i'm happy about that and can now half-check the task off my every growing list of things to do.
as getting it to a drop off salvation army box is yet another story or might i say, yet another two weeks away, as i seem to do everything i want to do about two weeks behind my internal schedule. it's all very good here in the treehouse. i have got so much to be thankful for, like the mountains, that is signal point and the cool rocks and the one thing i love most, light. simple light. it'd just be nice to know in advance if i have enough in me to make it through this heavy construction project. i think today i felt i did but each day is a little different. knowing the future isn't all that important. i'm not worried. i have no plan to surrender my white flag. hope to keep you updated as i begin to create work for upcoming november show. woohoo! good night now.


katiek said...

The trees are great, but I'm not sure what's scarier the trees or the hole in your ceiling! But seriously, the trees are good and scary. I hope you get into the Ann Nichols article. I sent them my photo but mine's far from done!

mawakeley said...

i love the painting and the way you've composed it with the colors you chose. the white looks like marble. really nice!!

i like your attitude about not worrying. it never helps.