in celebration

if words are not enough or rather i haven't got the vocabulary abilities to describe how a shiny bright cold day can fill and lift my spirits, than i am clearly and utterly without. there is power in the audible, a worship of sound and light that can be so. i am so impatient and cannot believe how little weight i feel. the roads are bumpy and i despise the potholes and have to negotiate with rainy grey days but the darker and deeper and harder they are the more glittery, eye splitting a day like this one is. uh-uh! i press on. to celebrate the beginning. the hope. i want to paint today. probably will break it all out, all at once.

last evening, we celebrated my "33". oh and if you can only imagine. everything is about to change and the more the better. i love my new music. i love my clementines and "S" cookies. i love the warmest socks and the quiet of my new apartment. i love finding what lies beneath and turning itself over in my head. today it all feels good. to throw off the old ways. i'd rather dance. i love a good vacation. and a good internal celebration of all the crazy external feels good. there is room here for you. celebrate with me.

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katiek said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND! How I wish I could go and paint the town red with you. In a couple days I'll be in a whole new world, and in a couple weeks I'll be itching to get the heck out!!
But for today I say have a happier and happier one! And I'm so glad that you are feeling the joy and love for your "33". You're awesome!