ready for

i am close to feeling ready, finished and more at home. all but a few boxes have been unpacked and things are close to being in their places. it is hard to say because i have no plans to hang any thing on the walls quite yet and i plan to repack things according to usage after the holidays. i think i feel ready enough to have company, regardless of how my to do and to get lists grow. i am enjoying the minimal and am finding i really did get rid of a whole lot of useless, needless stuff. it's going to be complicated when i try and start back to making art. but i have time. i am looking at going back to work at the pharmacy. so far i have not been able to get anyone to hire but i plan to call the dm. i am sold on my new place, especially on the view. it's terribly ridiculous of me to take the same photos everyday but i think i am addicted. though i'm still smoking, there's not a bit of smoking going on on the inside of my new treehouse. so yeah. i'm really tired and never got around to making cookies this week but it's going to happen. and crazy me, i've not done a lick of christmas shopping. it's gonna have to wait until the weekend. goodness.

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katiek said...

I must see your place before too much longer! I hope that CVS works out soon for ya. Limbo is a tough place to be, I hope both of our camps get going with the next chapter before 2009 is upon us too much. Luv you!