a little more::to do

i have just a couple more things to get done before i begin making art again. the day after christmas i took a little trip to insyde outsyde with my mom and aunt. my mom found this great little tray cart practically brand new, for only ten bucks. we went to the knitting mills and i found a bright green tiny square hassock too but, i haven't got a good image of it to show. it has come in quite handy, taking down the higher placed christmas decor. i finished writing all of my thank you letters last night and have just a tiny stack of stuff to sort through before i will actually feel like oh nine has begun. for instance; getting a new calendar and address book for one.

the weather has been slightly crumby the last few days. just this dreary overcastness i love only it's been like five days in a row. it happens to be great weather for exercise though, i'm finding out. not too hot, not to cool and a constant fine mist, is just
what the new year ordered. i suppose.

the holidays went by so quickly, i welcomed the rest and relaxation after a more stressful close to the year. i look around and can barely believe i have moved and that i'm making a new home for myself. it has been nice to have the family come up and friends out to break it all in and make it feel a little more comfy home. what else is there to say, as of yet, i'm not up to making any resolutions, at least not until i have a better view of the year via a desk calendar. got any suggestions? it seems to be all that's on my mind lately.

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Mary Ann Wakeley said...

nice post, cat.
here's wishing you a beautiful 2009 and new beginnings in your new home :) mary ann