::tenderly speaking::

tempting as it might be to forget about trying my hand at something new, i have resisted and will begin a new.  there are more portraits in landscapes to come.  ::tenderly speaking:: is not the first time i have painted a portrait but it is the first in several years.  my forrest has grown and filled a place for a couple of years and i have plans to grow it still, three dimensionally, so to speak, very soon, i hope.  those details have yet to be drawn and stitched together but rather in the works.  in the meantime there is place that i would like to rediscover and build upon here.  there is absolutely no way that anyone can be more critical of my art than myself of it.  there is great relief in knowing there is plenty of room in trying, over and over again.  i have plenty of motivation and enthusiasm at this point.  fresh is better than nothing, not making is possibly the worse.  turns out "tenderly" is not a self portrait, rather a image flashing by like when you faint and there a floating face, a glimpse of someone you know or knew or saw once is there, forever and instantaneously imprinted in my mind.  and so that's it.
i'd rather talk about adding the spice to your valentines day.  i decided to bake a stack of sweetness instead of getting a six pack of beer.  i'll wait.  

and plus i have notice a whole lot going on lately.  and wanted to shout it out, give and share the love.

3191 continues to conquer love, it's rather exciting to see.

there are 1000words of show&tell love. read february's and find a brother's heart for his little sister.  

shelter is now providing home is where the heart is.  immensely wonderful, if i do say so myself.  being that i work for a general contractor and amongst builders and architects, and creative thinkers in general.  i love it!  

and to taste there seems to be a host of delightful treats at bake it pretty.

i am in love with the internet for one, and mostly i love my family and friends.  have a happy valentine's day ya'll.  cupid is calling.  right?

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linda said...

I LOVE this new piece!!I don't think I've seen you do a portrait.