third and final piece for P2P.  ::sophia {my wisdom from high up}::  it's coming along well.  i am pleased with how well it reflects what i want it to.  often times it is difficult to translate ideas.  these recent pieces have been time consuming but when all the fine line work is done, it is absolute fulfillment.  it has not been so hard saying good bye to the trees either.  what a relief.  

it's been a good long weekend, very productive. crunching time.  more to come, hopefully tomorrow everything will be wrapped up, tomorrow night, late.


::Hyperion::{my watcher from above}

2nd in a series of 3 for P2P, also known as Palette 2 Palette.  FACES exhibit at createhere on main street, April 4.  

the most exciting aspect of this pieces is the incorporation of real wood wall paper, given to me by a friend, while he was papering the new BCBS building.  

::Hyperion::{my watcher from above} is the mythological god of light.  nothing too mysterious about that, mixed in the sunshine, a light bulb (not a c.f.l.), and a little bit of lightening.  i would have liked to have added some fire but accidentally cut if off.  the face is cut from some really nice fiber wall paper and rest is just a light landscape, so to speak.  

i have one more piece to go, hoping to create a female, any suggestions?  


~apartment living~

my apartment living and feelings are crumdgy, snobbish and particular, to say the least.  mother can testify to my recent particulars, a list of complaints about any of the new neighbors, the peep hole sightings, their unknown loud sounds and voices, slamming doors, of an ever growing neighborhood.  my four story neighborhood, my apartment living. mother asked me to share in this perspective, "won't you be my neighbor?  daughter, neighbors are a good thing, don't you know", she said.  i am decidedly not sure.  i have no idea what to think.  i want to feel like my four story neighborhood is all mine and that everyone moving in must adhere to my apartment living ethical guide, as if i've written the book and it actually exists.  i am finding it seems i may be quite wrong in my particulars, that i am rather funny about making friends with people who live across the hall. except, i have no earthly idea what any kind of dorm life experience would be like.  because this apartment life is what i can only imagine dorm life must feel like.  so, i am as friendly as the simple hello and have no other clue.  the other evening as an unseen neighbor seemed to be moving in, i followed a path of their belongs from the apartment building entryway door all the way to the door to the apartment next to mine.  i thought to myself as i followed the path, leading me to my own door, that i was seeing, literally, all that this person possess.  surely, i may be quite wrong, i thought to myself, my privacy must mean too much to me.  but yet i am sure i could not leave my things out like that.  is it really real, a bright shiny brand new golden brown bike with a bell, left.  are neighbors that trusting.  should i be that trusting?  regardless.     
i envy the people i know who spend their days domestically.  and not because i feel the need to be all that domestic but for this simple reason, the afternoon light.  i come home each late afternoon and any particulars i have about neighbors is flooded out by the immense amount of light beaming in through the windows.  today i took a multitude of photos just because everything seemed just a little bit prettier and at five o' clock, it is quiet in my neighborhood because i think all the others have gone for happy hour and i just want to be in the light not in a bar.  i seriously wonder if any of my other neighbors would appreciate the light in our neighborhood like i do.  i mean, really, how important is the light?  the quiet warm radiating light.  if for the light i might actually be friendly and forget about my hermit-like list, just to ask a neighbor about their light.  may be i ought to be the neighborhood light investigator and begin the process of actually being a good neighbor to my neighbors, by asking them about their light.  oh brother, i am beginning to feel a little quarry-sheepish.  so it's good night light.  good night all.  apartment resting.


::Telémakhos {my far away fighter}::

Fresh from the studio table, ::Tele'makhos {my far away fighter}:: makes it's debut.  This mixed media collage weighs in at 27" x 23", framed and 99% ready for upcoming exhibit at Createhere; FACES, for Palette2Palette.  

It is too late for details, I will post asap.