i thought i'd take a break from the usual humdrum and spout a list of sorts.  i noticed that my blog posts per month have taken quite a nosedive, so without further ado i present my first ever summer list. just incase you were wondering about this list or that list, well, here they are.

1.  participation!!! chattanooga artists reserve::june 27; 12-7pm

3.  moo over making

4.  balcony sunbathing

5.  pomegranate sweet iced tea

6.  family tree commission, planning and excited

7.  herbs that include; lavender, sweet basil, and pineapple sage

8.  5 part salad mix sprouting seeds at handypantry, in my summer eating plan

9.  how long have i been talking about this?  getting a bicycle, ever.

10.  clear & card envelopes, craft paper ordered; i've never ordered through stampin' up online before, i'll let you know how it goes.

11.  cards to make via kinko's

12.  art.a.ma.jig; july 16

13.  small art pieces; framewrights

14.  drink more water

15.  citronella rooting

16.  break out the skirts

17.  take more "giveaways" to salvation army.  i have a broken television and a very old microwave, best guess/approximately from the late '70's, early 80's {vintage}

18.  zero sum

19.  update etsy; seriously...

20.  see my nephews & neices!

so how's that for a list?  what's on your agenda?  

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Anonymous said...

Hello my sweet daughter ~ I love your work ~ it makes me happy.
Love you ~ Mom