earlier this evening i received an exciting email from the extremely talented artist and author karen michel in regard to her newly published book; 'green guide for artists'.  i had forgotten or let it slip into the recesses of my mind that i had been contacted late last year by kristen hampshire & writehand co. in regard to the publishing of this fantastic new book.  as i recall and am now reminded, i was asked specifically about how i intentionally recycle, reuse or renew "found" things in my art.  i have little recollection of my thoughts or answers to kristen's questions.  i caught a sneak peak of the pages and it's absolutely beautiful.  i cannot wait to get a copy!  yes.  yes.  yes.  

i vaguely remember talking a whole lot about being inspired by urban contemporary or graffiti art, how, every bit of what i see on the street, influences my color choices and my line workings. i remember talking about how early on in phantomcrimes, i was interested in meeting and following and swapping with fellow bloggers and artists.  so much of my second hand inspiration came from the numbers of paper swaps i was fortunate to be apart of and how that became a resource for recycling, reusing and renewing much of what might otherwise be disposed of.  i never would have thought.  and feel so proud of this community of like minded artists and crafters i feel so haphazardly apart of.  it's just so crazy!  

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Mom said...

Congratulations talented daughter! This is very exciting. I can't wait to see the book.
Love you ~ Mom