::scraps of scapes::

so in the free time that really never exists, i have spent some time dragging and pulling and twisting to create this little digimovie slideshow thingy of most of my trees.  it is just a way to break up the monotony of painting and cutting.  i am still working on creating my own music so in the meantime, i've added melpo mene as the soundtrack.  i completely realize that the slides/images are jumpy and fidgety but it was after all just for fun.  an experiment of sorts.  

this weekend is the chattanooga artists reserve.  i picked up twelve newly framed works today. and they look so sweet.  i cannot wait to hang.

over the weekend i made my very first yeast rolls, no photo for show, but i did add rosemary and what a great addition at that.  baking bread seems absolutely ridiculously easy.  so i'm going to try my hand at baking sandwich bread.  the thing is, i barely eat bread.  only an occasional piece of toast.  i'm a cracker girl.  bread will have to be croutons and french toast and for tuna melts.  um!

i cannot think of anything else.  i mean until the a.e.c. posts upcoming art.a.ma.jig info, i'll wait to add link and image of new work to be donated.

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