Etsy Shop Update::Phantomcrimes Is Back

finally. finally. finally. i have updated my etsy shop. i can check it off my list! there are several new pieces along with several older works that have all been custom framed. they look beautiful, if i do say so myself. i am really excited because for much of the year i had just been creating a lot of work for various shows, exhibits and events. i have got two more pieces to add, along with a piece i am currently working to finish.

next on my list; order cards, make card packs, start the phillips family tree commission, meet with the next commission client, swap work at gannon art center, hang work at blacksmith's, and begin self portrait for atlanta show:not you @ the mint gallery. in between i'm sending off images to my kind friend, who is going to be creating a website for me, which i'm incredibly thrilled about. i just cannot wait.

i don't think i've left anything off the list, at least i hope not. happy day!

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katiek said...

website!! YEAH!!!