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the weekend is now coming quickly to a close. it felt like a vacation what with the beautiful weather, autumn light and time to dwindle away. i forgot to bring along my camera for most of it, i missed taking the excellent opportunity to take any photos while with my nephews. i guess that means i will need to take them out again. but the nieces are next on the list.

i managed to make headway, the phillips family tree is chugging right along. i have taken a whole much of wip images and will be sure to show progress this week. with a week of much planning behind me, i'm looking forward to finishing this project within the coming week. i see it being completely possible. that is if i don't get distracted by all of the other little projects i'd like to try my hand at. for instance. i have fallen in love with molly's perfect hurricanes. i feel i must try making at least one of these before, well before i bust or something.

i'm also super glad that andrea has decided to post everyday. november is only days away, i'm not sure if i'm up for it, though. it's a nice idea and super inspiring but, i've never been able to post daily. i have never tried and am wondering if i should just give it a go, unofficially that is. for now. at least i've stock piled some photos, just in case.

recently found out that the paper quilt project is back! looking forward to see what dawbis comes up with next for the project. she was looking for 21 artists to fill in some of the gaps left in some of the months. be sure to to check it out! especially if you're finding yourself spinning out and need a hand getting back to creating something (everyday).

and one last thing; very excited to see this up&coming and her brand new website! keep up the great work heidi!
okay so, here's to posting everyday, finishing commission, then making something fun and fall-ish, and to another great week of weather. i'm crossing my fingers.

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andrea said...

yes! do it! post daily! never enough you in this here world. you=magic.