::i.o.u - popcorn cake recipe::

i wasn't paying attention until now; it's the ninth inning. i am finished painting for the night, discovering yet, that i've got a ways to go. painting may take the longest. i am definitely not about to begin counting the hours. so.

popcorn cake recipe:

1. i make a pot of popcorn the regular way on top of the stove. i've used microwave popcorn before but it's not as tasty, too buttery and salty.

2. in a second larger soup pot, i used the largest bag of off brand big marshmallows and melted them on very very low heat. be patient here, they're easy to brown and burn. it's not worth putting the mallows into the microwave, they'll just get huge and take up too much space.

3. once marshmallows are completely melted, thoroughly stir in handfuls of popcorn. if you'd like to sift through and find all unpopped kernels, feel free. if bitten into the kernels tend to hurt the teeth. there is no need to keep the stove on, just keep large pot on the hot eye, that way ingredients remain pliable. i used almost an entire large bag of m&m's and a large container of salted peanuts.

4. i do butter a 9"x12" cake pan, lightly and then dump the entire pot of mixed ingredients. with a wooden spoon evenly spread cake into the pan.

it's identical to rice crispy treats only for some reason, just a little more halloweenish. i have made the same with cheerios instead of popcorn and as i mentioned in yesterday's post, you may decide to try a healthier rendition by using sunflower seeds, raisins or craisins, maybe try peanut butter too.

philadelphia wins!

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