oh nine::{stuff} addictions list

my oh nine {2009} included a massive amount of stuff. stuff needed. stuff wanted. family stuff. work stuff. art stuff. friend stuff. learning stuff. visioning and revising stuff. getting rid of stuff. buying stuff. giving stuff and getting stuff. all kinds of different kinds of stuff encompassed my year. it's funny, stuff, that is. it either represents who you are or who you aren't. or both. we think about stuff and eat stuff. we'll stuff stuff and will use stuff to get more stuff. sometimes we have collections of stuff and other times we're about avoiding stuff. we're made of stuff and stuff comes out of us that we thought we could ignore. stuff turns us into monsters or buys us time. i've not seen it but there's a story about stuff. i think i am thinking about a different kind of stuff, not just the stuff i consume, but the stuff that consumes me. so it maybe ridiculous to some that i'd come up with an oh nine::{stuff} addictions list; meaning the stuff i will admit to being addicted to, let that cat out of the bag, though not completely and not without keeping some secrets.

i thought about creating a list of twenty six things i'm addicted to that each begin with the letter of the alphabet. i'm not going to. although, just out of curiosity i'd love to see what any of you, my meager readers, come up with. i may try it one day but today is just not that day. i am eager to get the list started and finished.

i am addicted to:

really really really pretty cheap paper napkins {as seen above}


twisting my hair when it is soft

purses to carry important stuff in

making art


afternoon naps

learning something new everyday

reading every night

the power of prayer

potato chips

craft and art paper, tissue paper, pads of paper and paper work

my nieces and nephews

great moments of solitude, though few and far between

writing personal notes or letters

small things

light, oh light. winter, spring, summer and fall light. lamp light and sunlight. moonlight and street light. hot and hazy light. light in color. i love light.


people watching

baking chocolate chip cookies

the snooze button

so that about wraps up this list. i started to write something about love, about being 'addicted to love' and then i thought better. i just didn't feel like that's a subject of addiction i'd like to explore tonight. and not because i don't think love is great. it's just so complicated and addicting. for another time.



Lisa said...

Great list...I too am a huge cookie fan :-)

Gina said...

hey! i just stumbled upon your blog by accident - i really like it!

Anonymous said...

I think I want to make a list as well, maybe put it up on the inside of my closet door. . . or somewhere that when I look at it that it will make me think of the positive and the neightive things that make me, well, me.

Jesson said...

Wow very impressive