full swing::upcoming

what can i say? life around here is in full swing, all but dull moments. one might think i'd fallen from the sphere but the fact of the matter is, i am absorbed in the speed of which these days fly by. summer is here with a map. the stops along the way are piling up like rest areas, along the well traveled highways and bi-ways. stuck in traffic headed to the coast. i have been working on this new piece for quite some time; it's been the detailed cutting, a detour i didn't expect to take but that's been well worth the extra gas it's taken to get there. i am calling it ::feather trees:: because to me, each of the trees each seem like feathers placed on a pedestal. i am actually almost through now with this leg of the journey and will be wrapping up my stop here shortly.

i bought my very first cactus ever, a couple of weeks ago, like a souvenir. it is for studying and remembering. the easiest way i could think of to understand how to go about beginning my next painting. the first stop, on july 22, i plan to submit a "fierce" work of art to the Arts & Education Council's annual fundraiser Art.a.ma.jig.

second stop, sundown in st. elmo on august 7. i plan to hang a whole new body of work at umbra essence. smaller works for those of you who have been craving an iced cold cat collier painting but haven't been able to afford the big gulp.

third stop, december! yes i am thrilled, cheesy excited about a leo handmade show for the month. i cannot wait. this one stop is the the overlook, a compilation of all the hard driving, traffic jams and all. between now and then i plan on keeping most of my work under wraps, so that those of you locals might experience a little surprise. i promise more cactus and a hint of constellations to come!

a fourth stop along the way will include a commission piece i'll be working on for a repeat client. this one ought to be full of adventure, they have asked me to paint another ::pretending tree::bitter water::. so far it feels a little like hitchhiking, before it became risky business. and not because my drive broke, but because of the anticipation, the thrill of speeding down the open road with a serious direction in mind. it's difficult, but easy for almost all the same reasons. attacking an image the second time around proves to be rather satisfying, like sleeping and dreaming while being driven along some desert road.

with all of that said and planned, there may actually be a little more room for a show here or there, maybe another clothesline. we will see.