Rivoli Art-n-Party!

tomorrow i will be showing my art work at the Rivoli Art Mill from 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. i'll be one of several incredible artists sharing the space; matthew dutton, michael jenkins, katie ward knutson, kimberly alducin dereuter, julie whitehead jones, teresa reynolds-hulse, anne dickson bailey, jerry allen, wendy morgan, whitney nave jones, charles, niznik clendenin, and steve terlizzese.

i am definitely excited! i'm looking forward to displaying my work in a new venue, meeting new people and connecting with all my fellow artist friends. i just finished a new piece, though pretty small, it was an extra canvas i had lying around i thought i would whip something up real quick like. more trees!!!

i've got plenty to keep me busy these days. currently planning upcoming Our Clothesline Art Show, then a solo show at Leo Handmade Gallery during the month of December.

in the meantime, i'm donating a piece of art work to both girls inc. and to hope for the inner city. keep your eyes peeled for more work in progess, as well. just about to begin a new piece! can't wait!

have a great weekend folks!

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