little by little i plan to do some catching up around here. it's time to get back to blogging! or so i say. now that i've had a good long break from posting regularly, something inside of me is telling me it's the right time to share.

the last several months have been quite the whirlwind, between marrying, getting a new job, settling and recalibrating, blogging has taken a serious backseat.

to start things off, i wanted to share a bit more from our wedding. from the beginning i wanted to work with a neutral color palette. mister fm and i decided on gold, silver, bronze and copper. we collaborated on every bit of the printed aspects of our wedding. starting with the engagement party invite to the wedding celebration program. i decided i would create a paper quilt collage that would reflect our personalities and individual interests. from there we started with the engagement party invite, then the 'thank-you' notecard, wedding invite, rsvp card, and finally the wedding program, each piece building upon the last.

i am most proud of what we were able to create together. of course we'd had practice collaborating before, but this had more to do with us, together forever. so, i spent a whole lot of time looking at other wedding printed designs, inspired to create a custom refined look for our event. mister fm took my collage and sketches, defined them, adding the graphic minimal modern touches i was looking and hoping for. it was his idea to incorporate the (texas) stars, lightning bolt and cloud. i liked the idea of adding diamonds and "c" waves to frame the individual bits of information. i think we came up with something that we could live with and grow with and build upon. i have this feeling we'll be collaborating again soon. after all, every day this married life is about collaborating.

so, time flies and now we're here, four months in. this weekend i have been working on cleaning and reorganizing our living space. our apartment, combines our living and work space, which i prefer anyway, but it's a grand balancing act. since mr. fm has been at the annual aiga conference, i have been thinking about how to make our home a better place to rest and relax, create and work. i'm looking for spaces of serenity and for spaces that evoke creativity. so today, i'm going to look for some better organizational storage, and see what i can come up with.

we don't have any immediate plans to move, so i'm only interested in making our space livable, effective, efficient, warm and simple. for me, it is exciting to share the space, we have time to grow, there's no sense in hurrying through these early days in our marriage.

okay, so again, look for more updates. i want to give it 100%, that means lists, ideas, new art, new pictures, you name it, phantomcrimes is back!