outtakes + stuff + maybe a list

this evening i have felt like reminiscing and so it just seemed right to share some outtakes, moments captured in the last couple of months.  not really outtakes but snippets of images and ideas.  colors and light that i like manipulating.  images i haven't previously shared anywhere else but here.  i have been thinking a lot about my family lately and I started writing them a letter but just couldn't finish it, not yet at least. 

basically, i thought i'd just share the photos today.  the pattern above struck me and i like it.  it's a dress and even though i like the colors and patterns a whole lot, i cannot really imagine myself wearing a dress like this.  but i think it's pretty and i love the way the light is fall on the folds.

mister fm and i went to see first aid kit the month before last and i thought the shadow of the soap dish/dispensary in the shower of the hotel we stayed in, was rather fascinating.  when i saw it, i remember feeling immediately good.  which is weird but something about that soap dish and it's shadow made me feel really good.  silly! me!

so one of our big accomplishments this month was making the time to hang our new curtains.  i had curtains i purchased from west elm and world market made into black-out curtains.  meaning i spent a lot of money to buy really pretty curtains and then spent a little bit more money to have black-out fabric sewn into them.  and then spent a little bit more money to buy the hanging hardware.  whew!  what an adventure, and we are extremely pleased.  i will be owning these for the rest of my life.  if you need advice let me know.  my friend monica, shared the idea with me and i thought it was a such a good idea i had to try myself.  

i guess a couple of weekends ago we went downtown to a little artsy craft fair and on our way back to the car, i saw this pretty tree and felt like borrowing the color.  it's almost as bright as the sunshine and has sunshine in it, don't you think?

next on my to do list:
1.  finish yarn + pompom fall/autumn wreath

2.  see a nephew's basketball game

3.  make more spice cookies

4.  finish a painting

5.  have a BIG painting/art sale

6.  listen more to the welcome wagon

7.  be more intentional

8.  turn things around

9.  sophie's open house

10.  remember to be thankful everyday, every minute.

night. night. folks!