:: passage + pattern :: + out takes ::

Since the middle of July I have been busying myself with the making of as many paintings as possible.  Now, in just a week, my show at Sewn to the Sky will open and the making and painting continue.  I was incredibly fortunate to have sold the majority of my older work earlier in the year, to the most amazing people!  So I'm only bringing work into the show that I have created in the last four months.  Pretty exciting, pretty terrifying!  Those of you still out there reading and/or interested, I'll be working on my website, blog and social media outlets in the new year.  Blogging, has become a thing of the past for me, or so it seems, since Instagram.  But I have mega-super plans and I feel like this is just the very beginning again.  There is great thankfulness.

So to celebrate…I present you with out takes and in some cases, highly edited photos of random things that I did, saw, or made.  These are my secret pictures.   First, the great big Ferris wheel in Atlanta.  Right beside the Tabernacle. Eek!  

I take the electric shuttle to my studio almost everyday.  Walking, no driving, no parking, no red lights, no careless drivers, I don't have to care about.  And I love it!!!

And then I finished this painting and I felt like something new clicked on inside of me.  We'll see...

I absolutely love the golden Ginkgo tree!  Don't you?

Asheville ~  I'd love to visit you again soon!