tea @ 8

last night i went to my brother and sister in laws home in st. elmo. they invited me over for tea at eight o' clock p.m. my brother just got finished reading the 911 commission report and we spent the evening in tea, cookies and politics. aaron and laurie went to b&n's and picked a copy of the report up for me. i just now started reading it. i am finding out quickly that it'll have to be my beach reading material.


brand spankin new

i've made it here via the 45 revolver and spare time.  this is a plain jane excercise, no finely tuned aerobic instruction here.  just the phantom mechanics of a day to day life.  i am brand spankin new, there's definitely no doubt about that.  i have been reborn.  forever now, i've been watching how blogs are created and manufactured, used and linked, and now i'll be pulled in the same way.  i've had a diaryland dairy for a year more or less and i'm not satisfied, but i also don't want to be that seriously dedicated to fasinating people with my life's details.  it all comes down to this moment and an apathetic attitude i suppose.