my yellow prawn

we are all wireless, independent. i am here at harbor pointe, water ways on every side. no pictures for your viewing pleasure. no digital, just my 35mm photos to come, many. wanted to tell you all of this female s. wish she were in chatt sometimes. i have been having a really nice time on vaca. with the knuts, amy, nanc, and smoore. in the last two weeks my life has slowed to a crawl. so strange. the days and nights do not seem to fly so fast right now. i'm usually working all the time, same thing every single dang day, it's so odd to have this time away from everything.

beach, pool, sun, more of josiah and eden b. i couldn't really say. all of what i have been thinking of. i wish that my mom could get a way like this. the c. fam must take on a beach condo and do the time share thing. i found out last week while in the gulf, that the art/music event at barking legs will be on august twelth. i'm working that night at the rx, but i'll manage to get my work hung anyway. checking out of the condo tomorrow, heading through savannah for lunch and gallery excursions??? anyone have any ideas? cool we have been getting free wireless here at hp. no body knows how. not too sun burnt, tired but from the sun all together. fixed the group humus, guac tonight for dinner. umm...i miss my mom for some reason right now.

lu i have brought along the be u t i ful book you sent to me. i have gotten a bunch of silly magazines, that have nice stuff in them. working on filling the book, so far fish and birds, my main thoughts revolve around these two animals. sneeze. thank you so much, i have enjoyed having a creative outlet during the evenings here. i went to walmart last night and bought sissors and glue. fun times at ridgemont high. so that's all, prolly could think of more when i get home. there is a white horse at the back of all your minds, there is faith in what you hope for. peace in the beauty god has created. have seen moochoo wild life, birds galore!!!! no underwater animals though. more to come. same time, same place, same this tree.


pine apple por-trait

self portrait tuesday

oh brother, yeah and you might have to take a moment to recover from looking at this photo. for god's sake i've got a pineapple growing out of the top of my head. i have also been stealing these photos from the 45 Revolver's photobucket account. we were 'dating' for around a year and in that time he flew me out to honolulu hawaii. while there he took me all over the place. one of my favorite places was the dole plantation. we decided not to spend the money to take the tour, but i had to have a taste of the famous pine-apple ice cream. it was a welcome treat that day, heat and driving in the mazda mia-ta convertible. happy memories of my journey there.

today i finishing up for the month, due to the fact that i am leaving out tomorrow for hilton head island, south carolina. you know i am a little bit of a ditz, thinking all of this time that hilton head was in georgia. so i have got another seven hour drive for another beach vacation.

okay and my day was going alright, until five checks i just got finished posting came up missing when i went to compile my deposit. come to find out the missing five checks had been deposited a week ago without me knowing. i am totally frustrated because i was hoping to get a whole lot more accomplished today than search for lost money. oh well, a day here will never be predictable.

i made another big batch of humus last night-instead of working. yummy, so easy too! i took a few photos while at gulf shores, and i am in the procrastination station re: getting photos from my february new jersey trip developed. i took photos of my great grandmothers old home, my grandfather's grave and of peter pan bakery. i refuse to bring my film to cvs rx, because their development sucks! and every time i have a day off, i forget to take the film to ritz or wolfe. i am pathetic when it comes to film developing, but i believe it is hereditary. my parents are just as bad or worse.

i have absolutely no craft-e projects going on right now. i feel so terrible about it. i started a package for melissa and i still must finish my next two aprons. there's a handmade book i started too and i think it would be perfect for lu, to repay her for her genorsity. i am going to have to have patience and motivation, simultaneously. i am almost finished with the da vinci code and have enjoyed it for it's simply entertainment quality, haven't really understood why such the controversy when the novel first came out. it isn't written from a 'factual' perspective one ounce. oh well, next i've got dave eggers 'the heartbreaking working of staggering genius.' yikes it'll take some time. i suppose that's all for now. i'll be back on saturday night late, so no posting till monday morning or so.

if you have any ideas for bday gifts for my dad, brother aaron or sister in law laurie give me a shout through the email. wanna keep the ideas a secret. i missing you all, already.

outta here.


jellyfish bellyache

i am home from gulf shores, alabama. specifically the beachclub. i suppose we(uoha girls) have gotten pretty picky about where we stay every year, but i must say this place was not as nice as our previous condo's. the past three years we have been at pheonix V and Spanish Keys, but the hurricane last year really destroyed so much of the gulf. the beaches are still filled with tons of debris, ie. wood, glass, furniture, fridgerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. really horrible. homes looked as though they had not been touched, windows out or boarded up. hotels and condos with whole walls missing. not very pretty, not much to do and sort of sad.

but i had a good time, laying out on the beach. our evening meals weren't great this year either. i had ahi which wasn't really ahi, i had lots of crab, shrimp, and hushpuppies. i spent time reading, watching television, catching up with mtv2-hiphop videos, sleeping, and bouncing in the pool. i drove, so i had the freedom to really come and go as i pleased. carolyn in the city and cece drove down with me. no problems on that end. i am so glad to be back in chattanooga for a couple of days until i head out on wednesday for hilton head with kate and joel knutson. i have got a whole bunch to do in the meantime. but i did want to give a great big shout out to kate for sending a nice sweet baby blue skirt (size 10) whoohoo! and lu lu lu lu, the most amazing little paperbag book i've ever seen or laid my grubby hands upon. honestly opening and leafing through it, gave me chills, you know those chill bumps!!!

oh and at the beach i saw live dolphins and jellyfish and i picked up some nice shells. so i feel good and inspired. got to work tonight and tomorrow. gotta do laundry, make humus, contact kate, don't know exactly where i am going, go grocery shopping a bit. and umm i think that is all. i miss being here in the blog world. next year if i still have my uoha job i'm bringing a laptop. i'll try and post more tomorrow before heading out.


wash blow & go

i am in the brown, buttery colored cords that sag an inch or two too low. i do not usually need a belt and so i am one of "those" today. it is like the grey weather, the ten inches of rain in cobb county, georgia. the swallowing downpours from dennis to emily to next weeks fred. today has been a good day with laughs and slight guacamole pleasures. i even splurged into a mocha frappe' from charbucks. the pounds only shed when i am off from work without an ounce of grocery in my fridge. i will have to weigh in today, for the heck of it of course. i also decided on the al a mode hair today. feels as though it is with ice cream, wild and crazy with humidity and all.

tonight i have got to work at the dallas bay rx which is out near soddy. unga bunga. but then why complain. twenty five hours is nothing and terribly good moolah. and too, i am taking off from the ole uoha tomorrow. "run me some" errands. of utmost importance, the nissan sentra 2005 has got to go for it's very first emission test, woohoo! of course i've been looking for a new bathing suit, what with all the upcoming beach activity. so i'm headed to the sear's essentials which took the place of my favorite kmart. see they are supposed to retail land's end clothing, right? at least i hope so. found some cute ones this year and cannot decide. trying them on is the key.

i am going to make toffee squares and attempt, possibly, humus. i am going against everything kate has told me that, store bought is just as good and easier. the thing is someone has already bought the beans, so what the hell! it'll be an experiment just like the granola. i am trying to help a friend get good food going through his system, so that he'll have the energy to work. he has got to have something he can take on surveying jobs out in the middle of the woods. humus and pita seem easy enough in a sandwich bag. he ended up eating all of my granola so it is time for another trial. this time i will start with the oatmeal instead of the wheat flour. i do not know if i'll have time enough for anything else. but the car thing has got to be done before the end of the month.


motion launch pad

quote crash pest

lotion sun turned

master golf with gold

blaster discovery take off delayed

water melt

gun target totes and tornados
in the deeper south


self portrait tuesday?

me? a self portrait? this one chubby girl in good ole knoxville.

master quiz A

oh the tiniest example of blaine fontana's work at totembookmedia. just one, but this is a must see! i have been meaning to show this work, magic poof! this guy has been doing it! really if you look closely you'll see the numbers 92, sideways at the bottom. i do believe my ideas lean this direction. it is the small worlds, bright colors, details, layers, and crusty beginnings. how can you say no to a piece like this? i suppose your personal aesthetic would have a whole lot to do with it. i have started to see glimpses of a struggle coming my way, artistically speaking. it is a combination of things that you may have noticed. first, i need a studio space, not just a corner of my home. second, i need large canvas per the thrift store. i need a personal thrift store shopper. anyone willing? third, i'd like a real show. a real digital camera, a real pc @ the homestead apt. i need to quit my job, either at uoha or cvs and make more money elsewhere and work part time art career. did i say art career? what the hell am i thinking? all i know is that when i am at home i don't feel like doing much right now. i think i may have too much in my apartment too. how about a lobby yard sale. i do remeber a long time ago, someone in my apartment building set up a table downstairs and sold stuff. another time i filled two huge bags full of used clothing and whatnot and took them down to the laundry room. made a big sign and said FREE.

i also wanted to show you the work of hektor. one of those graf artists i found through the wooster collective. again here is one example. a I.D. cover. what do you know?

i do not know if i have anymore to offer today. i am sure that i should make up my mind and not just drift as i feel that i am. honestly for a minute i did not feel so bad. i suppose i should probably take a break from surfing the www and looking at all this beautiful work. jealousy might corrupt this girl heart of mine. or maybe i just know i have the means to do something else. forever i was talking of moving. now the double job thing has taken over that thought. now i'm talking about taking small baby steps. i know getting away is going to help a whole lot at the end of this month, so maybe i shouldn't worry so much about the creative side of things for bit.

oh in answer to k's questions...i do love the partial nude. and you have done a couple, now that you mention it, i remember. i do like the hip/elbow & breast. the back and nape of neck, legs like those cut off from the rest of the body are nice too. i just liked more of the crop in some of yesterday's artist work. sort of how the nude you are working on now, her foot is falling off the canvas. makes a piece for me, bigger than the canvas. but do not get me wrong, no shape or form or color is better in my eyes than these with which you are working on now. thank you for your work you all. the encouragement is wonderful.



hermit style

don't let yourself be overwhelmed by anna's nice pastel painted pieces. big ups, lighter flight, flicker plight! i am so excited by these new ways of looking at things. kate, what do you think of partial nudes? i'd buy, so might a hollis patron. i know i am missing out. i have to miss out right now. and that is totally alright. i keep thinking that i'll find satisfaction in a life balanced between working full time and art-ing full time, but today and even yesterday i feel like quitting the hard 9-5 and pouncing on a studio space, a full time creation station. i'd starve to death, but no more than i am right now. i'd have the time to create large sewn pieces, splatter, quilted cornered effects of observation.

this weekend went well, i was blessed. not to have to work one ounce. not even a smidgen on saturday or sunday. so on saturday i went to my aunt c.'s house to swim in their new, brand spankin new above ground pool. a & l came and we spent around two hours out there. being on an antibiotic i smothered myself in 60+ waterproof baby sunburn lotion. caught a small wink of sun on my cheeks and felt the heat, but survived, so happy to be out there. her home dates around the civil war. remembered the cannon ball and multi-bullets found out there. she's got the beautiful farm yard look. hydrangea, roses, heliborus and the like. a tree swing, compost pile with a pumpkin vine growing out. a halloween treat. my uncle does some handy work for a chinese family in lkt valley. so saturday night we plopped down, i had fried rice and nice little egg role, and a few cream cheese/crab ragoons or however you spell/smell it, hahaha!

sunday i was supposed to meet mc and ethan at calvary, but it was a no go. i did go to the parentals for a very very nice veggie meal per monamieta. yum and thank you. we had a pleasant afternoon. i went home afterward and slept, a long rainy day nap.

i did not do anything creative this weekend, like i should have. i did pick up and apron, potholder or notecard. i drank a whole bunch of coffee, and mocha fusion. i read a bit more of the da vinci code and went to walmart one time.

i like caitlin kuhwald's work, will you be looking at it too? and have you seen what lu has been working on. awh hell this deserves a hi five beautify my shelves. pretty books of wonder.

after today, i am right now a little overwhelmed so i am going to finish up here.


do we know

after yesterday, events surrounding the london bombings, i started to think again of what it is i stand for. how can i know such things, i feel as this child looks, from cherry hood's perspective. i did not work yesterday, instead i got a brand new hair arrangement, that is a "do" for summer. a red hot punk rock style that blew my fellow co workers away when i stepped in this morning. yikes! so red, so you, so i would be scared to rock that cut! i am thirty years old in december and have never felt much like fitting into the typical female: hair, nails, make up the summer glow-melanoma. it has just been a few months, the weight falling off, a hair salon gift certificate that has really honestly motivated me to look better. not for all of the disgusting superficial reasons, but because my heart is feeling better too. although i've not quite quit the smoking habit.

yesterday morning i woke up early. my friend called to say he was going to be out of work for the day and that i should turn on the television. sure enough. london was said to have handled the immediate obstructions very well. how will they do today, tomorrow, a year from now? yeah they didn't have the smells, the white film or any of those horrific scenes from four years ago in new york, so maybe as the media put it, it will be easier for them to get over.

i do not believe it. i do not believe it. there isn't getting over anything of the sort. pretending, masking and denying, sure, that's probable. oh and the terrorists i understand, love to see our governments flit and flutter about infront of television cameras/microphones pouncing on our emotions re: civil liberties my ass, gender equality and the famous god given freedoms, turning me off. isn't it true that it's our policy they hate, by our policy we are interrupting in their processes, being there, interceding, cornering and pocketing the upperhand. will our diplomacy change, will we lose the will, can we put an end to the patriot act, or homeland security, do we know anything for sure?

yesterday, as another day has passed. i went with my sister n law to the stone cup for lunch and got burnt sitting out in the sun. i don't need to be getting accidentally burnt. not a pleasant thing.
melissa c. if you are out there reading. keep your little eyes peeled to the mailbox. treasures headed your way real soon.


chinsey one heart

one heart and the greatest little stuffed pieces linking me from pr1mary space. check out the links and see these artists pushing the envelope. i really like this parskid's work, i'd also like to participate in month of softies with something like this within the confines of the theme.

two hearts are better than one...i love love this too, totally inspired. wow and how sweet is this, see the gallery and picture yourself in one of these, or having one hanging on your living room wall. i totally think i am in the wrong place. i have been "working" my privileged ass off all weekend to produce a few descent pieces, but i do not feel the product is up to par. i definitely think i am getting there on a few levels, but really all that i think i ought to do is quit my nine to five and start busting the move on this art thing. otherwise i will dry up and be a crusty old paintbrush.

oh i have been having a difficult time with posting the photos that i want, this new photo op isn't working so well for me and i have struggled with this one entry until now. slightly giving in to the old ways of dealing. i did want to catch up, shape up or ship out and show you all what i have been looking at. savoring the bits and pieces of what makes me excited. i must say that even though this post is from june i am now in july and so happy. two weeks away from taking two long awaited vacations. cannot help but wish i was going to the city, but hilton with the knuts will be fantastic.

my linkage above may be just a bit yuck, so i'll try and explain. pr1mary space a gallery i found that has links to all these other great artist sites. hope you don't mind. the elephant is from here. it is the color and line i love so often in these sorts of works. also i've found the amathin gallery of art by amy dickey. the below pic is just a small sample of my favorites from her. wish i could be...as i said above.

okay so i have been working hard on a couple of pieces. i am now finishing up my clipboard pieces. these things have been sitting around in my apartment for so long, they were beginning to rot away. so i am doing a plant and bees thing on one and then a bird and fish thing on the other and i had already done a cityscape on one, but i'm not touching it up. cannot say too much or add a photo, but it definitely does feel good.

i am making collage boxes again and think i may have mentioned that. and let's see. this past weekend i saw jennifer kring. i got super doper sick o' rama, but survived well enough to visit with her. she had very exciting news. a baby kring is coming in february o 2006. she's nine weeks. gosh, how exciting! congrats jen. and for all you out there, like erin p. i hope this doesn't come as a great shock.

i really don't have much time to write. look forward to catching up more later. just wanted to get one out to you all.