one farewell

woohoo! i have been dying to break the news! this morning i broke the news to my boss at uoha that i would be rendering my resignation and that my last day would be november ninth. it has all happened quite quickly that i've not had much time to process it all. but to put it bluntly i'm leaving my job as a medical onoclogy billing and insurance specialist to become an adminstrative assistant at collier construction.

i have wanted to work for my brother's company for a least a couple of years and this week just happened to be the time. the time where all of the little things and big things kind of just fell right into place, people discussed, people defended and interjected their opinions, ideas changed and position grew and then one day wahlah-i have got myself a new and improved job. it is a huge career move, a massive affirmation, and by all means just the right fit all the way around. it is a blessing and without a doubt a dream, more come true than i'm really ready to acknowledge, i think, at this point. once i begin my work with collier construction i think i'll feel incredibly confident and less anxious, right now i'm a ball of nerves, just waiting to implode.

it might explain my previous post, the all is in transistion sort of speech, looking for a laptop, the need for highspeed at home, to further and progress in the paper quilt publishing project and whatnot. no more of this personal work on the internet while at work business. i honestly must see this portion of my life come to a close, afterall it's a wearntear world. i also wanted to thank katie and erin for their rich words of wisdom. i'm in the midst of searching and researching, clearing and reclearing my mind. honestly i really like the whole idea of the refurbished macbook and can see myself heading in that direction, i understand and want frugality in my life, there might be a compromise here and i think affordability and brand spanking newish feeling is acheivable. whadayasay? i'll keep you updated on my computer findings process.

i know this is crazy but you know i'm headed down to destin flordia in about a week and i'm curious...where would one find a cartop carrier? i mean rent one to put luggage in? anyway let me know if you've got any ideas. we don't want to spend a ton of moolah on renting a big suburban, so...

have a great weekend folks!*


hardboiled needs help

whether you know it or not i have been in a month or more of transition. it may or may not have been obvious, i'm not even sure if i have even been that cut and dry about it, but the rumors are true, whatever they may be. all is in transition. all of my life up to this point is changing. somethings you know about, for instance, cutting back on part time work at the rx, inorder to make more art. somethings you don't know about and won't ever really know a whole lot about until it has already happened. but i'm seeing how this transition may change how much i'm able to post. i don't know how much that matters to you. whether or not you'd miss me or if anyone would even really notice. well yes of course you'd notice, i might be exaggerating a tad bit. i am thinking that i may actually need help, your help, maybe. this transistion incompasses a whole lot of little things, culminating into the big picture sort of thing, a future, my future.

the most imminent: i am really in need and in desperate want of a laptop computer. it has been a goal, a wish, a dream of mine to own my own little piece of techheaven. i'd like to purchase a laptop in two to four weeks. i would rather not purchase a used laptop unless it is top of the line. i would like to purchase a mac, no dell. i looked at hp's but aren't familiar with the hp technology at all. i am like most of you, i will be using my laptop for wireless internet, graphic design and art, communicating via email, but no movies/dvd's, and probably not a whole lot of music. my price range is between $1500 to $2000, i am aware of pricegrabber and others who have discounted rates, they don't matter to me as much. to compare my feelings about a laptop to my purchase of a brand spankin new vehicle is to understand i'm not in the mood to pay for repairs, i'm not in the mood for second best, i'm not really interested in deals or rebates, i just need the specs of Ghz and GB and pixels, width and screen size. do i need two usb ports? can you finance a mac, i have heard of jupiter but what's that about? what? what do you like, what has worked for you? are you a mac person or another kind of person?

okay, enough is enough. next, no comcast! so what's left? no charter! right? so is the epb up and going and is it the best, or i'm i going to have to get screwed by comcast? help me make these very simple decisions.

i'm trying to think if there's anything else...don't think so. thank you guys for all of your help in advance. and it seems to me that you really liked all of the cool links! i'll try to keep that going. byenow.


can't help myself:please forgive me

the urge to share just a smidgen of what i have been working on lately was just too great, the temptation overpowering. only because i have had these things going for quite sometime and now having ninty nine percent of each piece, there are two, finished, all i have wanted to do is share.

so instead of sharing a whole lot of new art i'll share somethings i have found recently while surfing. it takes a whole lot of time to surf and for many of you it's not a priority, but if you're a regular reader, you might find some of these things a little bit interesting.

i decided to get an early start on purchasing some christmas cards. actually there was no deciding, i really just wanted these from onegoodbumblebee. i am also very excited about lara's new work with flickr and moo. her holiday designs are perfect, i mean really perfect. in the fresh new colorful sense of the word perfect! thank you lara!

i'm not sure about you but these cards from joy by mel lim are a must have! don't get me wrong i'm not quite able to justify purchasing more cards quite yet. only because i've got two little desk drawers full of my favorite stationary and cards. but as soon as i've depleted one of my sets i'm going into purchase. thanks to nicole at freshly{blended} for enlightening us to this amazing artist-designer.

i'm not going to have time to participate in the ornament or postcard swap this year, i'll have deadlines breathing down my neck come december 1. but i did want to share for those not up on the news that both sponsers host an ornament swap and a postcard swap. for the ornament swap keep checking in with fb here. and the postcard swap will be hosted by NIKKI-SHELL.

rachel b. started pleaseplantme, i'm consistently amazed by this young woman, thought i'd share.

and if were have a little bundle o joy, i'd be purchasing this! unframed is a little more affordable.

i now feel like there is something i have forgotten to mention, i'm sure it doesn't matter much. have a nice weekend folks! go wish this one happy birthday!


absorb this

believe me! i am not quite sure how these new shoes of mine came to be worthy of a post but they are. they're supposed to be my lifesaver. or rather my leg saver. over three weeks ago my left leg began bothering me up a storm. it's a nagging sort of dull pain, reminiscent of hyper extension or arthritis of the knee but behind the knee pain. really i think i must have done something while playing tennis and dread the idea of pain from growing older. it's inexcusable to be thirty one and have such pain. i suppose that's why if i don't join a gym or fitness together now, i never will and i may never find myself pain free. i definitely do not want to be an elder person hobbling around or rather transporting myself via hover round. it'll be a blessing if i don't shrink down to four feet, let alone be disabled to a rolling walker. so my new shoes, a once a year splurge, a must have, and a complete fine way to end my day.

in other news: i am nearly, if not finished with the coral castles project. i'm nervous about all of it. and don't even feel comfortable showing photos until i get the band approval. thankfully i've done a couple of things, incase one doesn't fit.

i'd also like to encourage any of you fellow bloggers to think about Blog Action Day. i know i'm thinking about it a little bit. no matter what your opinion of our environment and the constant conversation, drama, and urgency we seem to be creating regarding it, it's probably a really good idea to take some personal responsibility and or action, even if taking part in Blog Action Day is all that you do, at least you're apart. i'm going to think about the environment and my art and how it relates. afterall my art is about much of the environment {trees} and i'm specifically using, reusing, recycling paper and non toxic materials and adhesives to create. it's a worthy plug. and a challenge.

i think that's all i've got for the day.


into their arms

i think life in it's real physical way has taken over and blogland has become a minor scene. life in it's delightfully unpredictable way has taken it's turn in the game. i'm subject to be a witness, to take a breath, to lay sight upon, to watch and to feel all that begins in the morning and ends in the evening. on inwhich an introduction is due, to new life in this family, another branch in the family tree begins it's sprouting, it's growth. caleb b. welcome! come in, stay for awhile. enjoy and take joy little boy! we are all so happy for you and your mom and dad. we have loved you for so long, waited so long, your mom and dad have worked so hard to have you, hold you, call you theirs and now a celebration of your life begins. we cannot wait to see you play and make trouble with all of your boy cousins. we can't wait to hear your first words and we definitely can't wait until you begin to talk back. to tell us how you feel and think, it all will be fun.

aside from this little boy becoming apart of my life i feel like i've taken a break, not one purposefully. just so haphazardly i suppose. i long to have the evenings off. it is shocking i know but i am now finally aware of the toll having two jobs has taken on me. i don't feel like battling the torn feeling i get when family and work pulls at me. i am beginning to feel numb about it all. i must be honest about the transistion i find myself in though, and a good transition. in many ways, shapes and forms i am finding through help, a new me, a new line of thought and need to just relax. it's difficult to explain, especially because i'd like the real important stuff to stay well close. but the big things are as you all know already. quitting cvs. quitting smoking. joining a gym. making art and having a total of 8 paper quilts published. there are two commissions that must be completed and i'm struggling with time. like i said the war with time has been going on for about three years now. i also am learning to take action and to well, think more positively. it isn't really all that natural of me to be so happy and cheerful and exploding with joy, but simply smiling at people has been a challenge as of late. a challenge i really ought to practice.

finally i am just so thankful that caleb has found his way into his parents arms. i mean what else can i ask for? have a wonderful weekend. i cannot promise anything but hopefully i'll be back with some completed art...uh?