::feather trees::

about a week ago i finished ::feather trees::. this one took some time, an exercise in precision cutting. i am pleased with the way it all came together in the end. and will probably take a break from cutting paper for a minute. each of the feathers is approximately 11" tall on a canvas that is 12"x 36". other than having cut each feather out by hand, which took up the bulk of the process time, the other elements were basically the same. although instead of splatter painting the piece after i was complete. i decided to "splatter" in a pattern of circles. using a stencil to trace circles of dots was something i came up with on the fritz because i thought splatter painting would be a little too much. i'm excited about using the technique again. also can't wait for all of you to see this one in person. it's seriously intricate!

just wanted to pop in real quick. say hello! and have a great saturday.