::our clothesline art show::

on friday october 15, 2010 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Our Clothesline Art Show will have it's fourth annual artist reception. on saturday october 16, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. the historic Krichbaum House will be open to the public to view fine art works from; Maria Cardillo, Cat Collier (obviously, that's me!), Katie Ward Knutson, Laura Pettit, Jennifer Kring, Linda Thomas, Kelly Wilkes, Valerie Fleming, Danielle Fox, and Marcie Sherman. Catering will be provided by: Bello Cibo - a new Northern Italian Cuisine catering business in town. we're totally pumped. and ready to pull out all the stops this year.

i've been extremely busy, busier than i think i've ever been before in my life. the list of things to do keep mounting. but all of it is good. like really good stuff. i have been making new art work, writing the chattarati, biking more now that my new boyfriend has a bicycle, cooking more, and spending time with friends. of course clothesline has taken some time, but mostly these days are good. like hosting a small group of ladies every sunday night, studying and talking, sharing and listening. as a group we're planning on visiting a shepherd, a beekeeper, and go to a wine stomp. i've got a megaillion ideas swarming, fluttering around in my head and one by one i'm checking them off my list. for instance, i ordered a whole new set of mini moo business cards this morning. i've been thinking about my upcoming solo show at leo; regardless all is great!

there's also; planet altered - C.A.F.E. Grant Supper (community arts funding event)

or what about submitting to chronicle? or getting a studio space at the rivoli? or say, hey, maybe i should finish my sketchbook for the sketchbook project! or submitting my work to blanket magazine might be fun. i'm also working out the kinks in my head about applying to get into next year's 4 Bridges Art Festival. that's a whole lot of stuff flitting about in this old head of mine. any thoughts...


::weekend worthy::

it is now sunday night. i feel like this weekend is worthy of at least a little post. other than the fact that it was an absolutely fabulous weekend, i'd have to say seeing this beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky on saturday morning really felt delightful. i have not seen a rainbow over the western sky like this before. sitting out on the balcony, seeing this, made it for me completely. just made it! the gallery hop and rivoli's art party was awesome! i had a blast. utterly exhausted and looking forward to starting new art work this week. going to bed early tonight, plan on catching up on my reading for a bit. hope to post a little bit more in the future weeks, as i complete new art for upcoming shows. be back soon. good night now.


Rivoli Art-n-Party!

tomorrow i will be showing my art work at the Rivoli Art Mill from 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. i'll be one of several incredible artists sharing the space; matthew dutton, michael jenkins, katie ward knutson, kimberly alducin dereuter, julie whitehead jones, teresa reynolds-hulse, anne dickson bailey, jerry allen, wendy morgan, whitney nave jones, charles, niznik clendenin, and steve terlizzese.

i am definitely excited! i'm looking forward to displaying my work in a new venue, meeting new people and connecting with all my fellow artist friends. i just finished a new piece, though pretty small, it was an extra canvas i had lying around i thought i would whip something up real quick like. more trees!!!

i've got plenty to keep me busy these days. currently planning upcoming Our Clothesline Art Show, then a solo show at Leo Handmade Gallery during the month of December.

in the meantime, i'm donating a piece of art work to both girls inc. and to hope for the inner city. keep your eyes peeled for more work in progess, as well. just about to begin a new piece! can't wait!

have a great weekend folks!