eye situation

i'm in a situation right now that i absolutely cannot stand. rarely something bothers me this much, but there is an invisible something in my left eye. i have done everything within my power to eliminate the plank scratch under my eyelid. the irritation has not gone away even after using eyedrops and handfuls of water splash. i am supposed to go to dr. mccravey's lakehouse tonight but i want to go home first and change and chill out for a little while before jumping into the office coworker drama picnic. the most important thing to me is to finish a painting of josiah james knutson that i started two nights ago. it's a large on that is about 3 feet by 2 and one half feet. i'm feel really good about all of it. the cool thing is that kk1000 and josiah got to come up from atlanta yesterday and they came by. kk got to see the painting and give me her opinion of the it.

oh dear guys, m.k.d. gave her two week notice here at UOHA today. she's someone i talk with everyday. oh well.

the season rearranged itself in my stomach
spring fought with autumn symptoms, queasy
mornings, lead to faint afternoons, passed
out into chilled fever evenings.
new paint, green strokes, and sticky light
stuck below my eyes casting shadows
beneath heavy slowly sprouting
kindled coals, one new low tone love
with the humid heat of middle year summer.

the 45 will be here now in eight days. oh brother.

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katieK said...

hey i'm thinking about you and hoping that this joyful/stressful week or so turns out well. may god be glorified in all you do cat. luv ya.