back against the wall

a week has passed with event after event under my belt. the 45 Revolver was here for the week and there were many people to see and things to do. a whirlwind blew threw and i felt a little like the people must feel down in flordia. today i'm back to the work force, playing a game of catch up. but while the 45 was intown he took a whole bunch of pictures of everything under the sun. i'm not about to post everything out here but one of the coolest things he did was take pics of my art. the most recent piece that i've been working on is a portrait of little josiah knutson. it's the first portrait i have done sense a piece i did of my brother aaron back about two years ago. i incorporated a lot into this specific painting. there is a layer of yellow grid drywall tape to give the piece a canvas like texture. there is wax and paper and thread. i also used some of those nice foam letters as additional dimension and force with in the piece. i have no probably with saying that i like the piece quite a bit. it came pretty naturally and yet i've got it hanging but it is not exactly finished. we'll see now that the 45 is gone i'll have more time to work again. i also got two new canvas from biglots the week before last. i really don't buy a whole lot of canvas i attempt to just paint on whatever i can find lying around the house. but i happened across the quality and picked up a couple. i'm supposed to work on two pieces for my mother. on of the old house and one for the newly painted guest bedroom. we'll see. definitely see.

i'll have some more to offer but until then keep up the checking up here.


Beta Fish said...

that painting is awesome cat....i absolutely love it!

katieK said...

lookin good! The web doesn't do it justice though!