when i visited honolulu the 45 and i ate a whole bunch of sushi. you can go to the seven eleven and purchase a bottle of beer and a six piece california roll. one of the places i miss the most in honolulu is zippy's restaurant. zippy's is opened twenty four hours a day like steak n shake or wafflehouse, expect there's fish&rice on the menu and vegetarian chili. but i miss the cheaper quik stop sushi. one has to be extremely careful in honolulu because the native hawaiian custom is to use spam in their sushi instead of fish. "spiced ham" will never take the place of shrimp, crab, yellowtail or salmon. where is the confusion?

i've noticed that there are quite a few mexican restaurants popping up alongside of all the coffeehouses downtown. if i see one more coffeehouse or mexican restaurant i'm going to jump off a cliff. there is probably a record amount of coffeehouses per square mile in chattanooga then anywhere else in the country except for maybe new york city or portland oregon.

i was able to talk with kk1000 and fenn k. on saturday. they are both doing fairly well in very different ways. kk is going to have a baby girl i think or hopefully, we're not anywhere near able to know for sure. fenn is down in lakeland plugging away in the hot flordia hurricane sun and rain. we are miles apart from one another but in many ways i don't feel the distance at all and i am so thankful for cellphones and bestfriends.

this past friday night meine bruder aaron and i hung out and watched joan of arcadia. who else watches that show on friday night? i'm sure that most people are out drinking or picking out their choice of the best meat. who says staying at home on a friday night isn't cool. aaron and i drank some sierra nevada and skated around the block on my newfound skateboard. aaron is my youngest sibling. he's a freshman english teacher who married a little pediatric nurse. aaron has always been this supercool kid. when he was young he'd never really talk a whole lot. i remember he went through a year of his life when everytime we sat down to eat dinner as a family he'd choke or gag on something and mom would have to pull the hook finger to retrieve the mess from his throat. he also used to tell my mom and the rest of us, especially when we'd be in the car on a sunday afternoon drive, that he wasn't a traveler. he used to go around saying that 'smoking was a bad hobit.' because my mom read the hobit to us, but he was like three or four years old. aaron told me on friday night that skateboarding is coming back into style and that he lets all of his kids at school bring their skateboards into his room during the day so they won't get in trouble for carrying them around in the halls. aaron has a special way about him. it was definitely a nice time we had.

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katieK said...

where is aaron working? And laurie too?