paint bucket

to be honest with you, i have not got a digital camera or a scanner or any of those expensive things that could make this family tree aesthetically pleasing to look through. so i take pictures that i like from either the 45's photobucket or
veer. usually there's a hint of veer down in the corner of each piece that i include in my blog, just so you know that the images aren't mine.

this weekend i spent some time watching television. i watched the premiere of joan of arcadia on friday night. saturday i spent the early afternoon cleaning the alexanders home. then in the evening i went with aaron & laurie and chris & ann ammons to the pickle barrel. after we ate laurie, ann and i went to see hero. i thought it was a beautiful movie and really had forgotten about it until i realized that father and son wasn't going to cut it just yet in my movie watching itinerary. sunday night i went to work on my mural for three hours. i spent time painting the third kings robe, joseph's robe, hands and faces. one of the funny things about the mural is that throughout this whole entire time it never occurred to me to include adam and eve. i don't feel as though i need to go back and somehow try and fit them in, but up until last night i never once thought of them. i think with all of the people i did include, missing adam and eve won't really matter. afterall, painted naked people in a nursery room might push the envelope further than necessary. despite all of the semi business i had a good weekend.

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