stick to me

i want to show you one of my most favorite things in the world. i can barely go a whole month without buying new stickers. before the 45 left to go back to honolulu we went to morning glory which is the korean version of sanrio a.k.a. hello kitty. i am having a hard time finding any pictures of the little girl i like the most, but i can tell you this, her name is not pucca. so if you are reading this and think it's pucca it is not.

kk1000 asked me about where my brother is presently employed. he was hired at redbank highschool as a freshman english teacher. he's got six classes a day, zero planning period. he and i talk once a week and he basically could fill an entire year with one days worth of school adventure.

laurie coe collier is presently working at erlanger on the pediatric floor. she's working from 7pm-7am, 3 or 4 days on 3 or 4 days off. i'm not really quite sure.

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katieK said...

thanks for the info! The stickers are cool, but is that one a tick?! ewwww.