adventure advantage

yesterday i decided to embark on a very new adventure. i can't say what exactly came over me, may be a little something like a 'new lease on life,' that has more to do with my life as an artist than anything else. i feel like a motivated artist who consistently makes or works to express herself through creating art. i haven't ever been motivated by a profession in art or by money. i have a little artistic project going all the time. interestingly enough i have never set goals for myself as an artist. i very rarely set goals for myself in any part of my life though. i had a goal to pay of my debt and to buy a brand new car. i even wanted to buy a computer at one point or another but the 45 has let me borrow his for the time being. artistically i am less interested in making goals because of the pressure and expectation involved. i have felt more prolific without the constant demand to produce work. i am happy that many people have my art in their homes. i suppose that my general goal was to share my work with people no matter what. there have been a few occassions when someone has paid me for the piece of art, but very rarely. fenn has the elephant piece she bought in lakeland and aaron bought the companion piece of the bird for laurie for her birthday. jk1000 bought an anniversary piece for kk1000 and the first piece i sold belongs to this lady named janet job. but all of this selling has been spread out over ten years or so. no real profit here.

all of the sudden i feel motivated to join ava. i saw my friend phillip swafford at lamar's a couple of weekends ago and he asked why i wasn't a member of ava. i hadn't time for a brillant excuse. i am intimidated by the financial factor. that is about it. i have plenty of work. i am able to produce plenty as well. i am also going to apply for entrance into the 4BridgesArtsFestival. i have asked kk if i could borrow her booth/tent and she has so graciously assured me that it would be no problem. i have got quite a gaggle of work ahead of me. but i'm up for the enormous adventure. the 45 has told me of his support. and i am hoping that as people hear of my new idea that prayers will bless this time. i have found the greatest site on the face of the earth. it will actually help me to make the sort of stationary that i want to. now i'll have to have some goals here.

a. go to atl to take pics/slides of the booth/tent
b. make a gaggle of more art
c. have slides made
d. have work framed at framewrights
e. bring booth/tent up to chattanooga
f. make the november application deadline
g. buy the euro pro
h. buy from the paper source
i. pray a school of prayers

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