angry woebot

the 45 found this great sign that holds a very dear expression. it all started while i was visiting honolulu in may and jas and i were going on and off hickam afb a whole lot. there was a flashing sign that said "carelessness is dangerousness." then jas said that there were a bunch of those sorts of little sayings. like: "if you don't know, don't go.", "if in doubt, don't go out", "loose lips sink ships", "it's cheaper to keep her." so on and so forth. when jas went to the beach the other day, he saw this sign and he took a picture of it for me.

jas actually hurt himself that same day out in the water. he got caught up in a wave and then was pushed into the sharp rocks below. he obviously did not take the signs advice. but he said the near death experience hit home. a chunk of his foot was cut off by a rock and he has been limping around. next time he's in doubt he won't go out.

the 45 also took a few pictures of a graffiti artist he saw the other night, making art in some club. timber 1 and his angry woebots. i like this work quite a bit.

again jas was out and about and he thought to take some great pictures of the honolulu night life as well as the art scene.

this past weekend i went to atlanta to visit with kate and joel and josiah. kate participated in an art festival in cartersville. we had a great time together. it was so good to see josiah again. it seemed to me that kate got some really good feedback from her work. there were actually good artists represented in the festival. fine art work. i saw no collage though. i'm thinking that collage is just one of those mediums that is overlooked and underdone. maybe it isn't really considered fine art. in my experience i'd think of it as fine. but i've always struggled with knowing how collage fits into the rest of the art world. i'll leave you with another couple photos.

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