dj mini mart

I'm right behind you, don't turn around
I was the one who cut your first song
Get in the backseat and keep your head down
Didn't I shout it all night long?
Now you're a fabled record star
And I'm DJ Mini-Mart
Cause that's where I work

per minus5
down with wilco

the process of giving yourself a dj name has always intrigued and inspired me. i've never once stood behind turntables and peeled the banana with two records, but i certainatly appreciate the naming part. i know a few dj's and their names, i suppose really mean something to their audiences. one of them happens to be the 45 that i refer to some, who also happens to be my man. He prefers 45Revolver to Dj Jahson, but he's often booked under both names.

then there's this guy who rarely spins out anymore, but remains busy making music.

i've come up with a few dj names for myself.

dj rip van winkle
dj dopeattic
dj geebus
dj dj

anyway that's that.

something else i like to do is


katieK said...

Well, I love ya cat, and I love what Jason does. But I will probably always call you guys by your real names. I guess I'm just not cool, but I feel silly calling you anything than what you are.

Anonymous said...

This is dj anon here. I must disagree with my spouse. The 45revolver is the only way I mention that person in conversation, and cat will always be dj dj. What should Josiah's dj name be? Maybe dj J si, dj boom, or dj springa.