the daylight is shorter now. in the morning when i wake up it is still dark outside. the red glow from the street lights give off a false feeling of warmth, but i know the weather outside is going to be turning frightful. i woke up this morning and it was raining. not exactly what i thought was a nice idea for the day. i stayed up late last night reading. i've kinda put the 9/11 commission report aside for now. i'm not as interested in the recommendations even though that's the whole point of the report. i have had the mammoth hunters for sometime now and thought it was time to pick it up. i've read the first two in the trilogy which were were interesting, but i completely lost focus after the second valley of the horses. they really just became predictable, but once i've got a book in my hands i feel i must see the reading of it through.

this past weekend i said goodbye to my friend little sara. she's decided to move back to seattle. while she was here sense moving back in febuary we rarely saw eachother until thursday night she called and said she was moving back and that she's was going to be at lamars to say goodbye to everyone. heroes for horses were playing, but i spent most of my time talking with friends. then on friday night sara and jenny and i met for sushi at "H" for Hiroshi's. after that we went back to lamar's. i ended up talking politics the whole evening with a friend. we surprisingly seemed to agree politically, which is rare amoungst my friends.

on saturday i spent most of the day with my dad. we went to smoore's and emoore's regatta. i had never been to a competition, nor did i know anything about the sport.

that evening i went and saw friday night lights. the movie was just alright for me. my dad really enjoyed it and tim mcgraw was great at being a real jerk in the movie. the times that my dad and i go out are when my mom goes out of town. he and i go out it seems like once a year for a 'father-daughter' date. we go out to eat and then to a movie. my mom and my aunt cathy went up to new jersey to visit with my grandmother. my nana isn't doing so well and they wanted to see if they could help her a little bit. they enjoyed themselves, but the time was somewhat exhausting and emotionally stretching.

i haven't been doing any art lately. i am almost finished with the mission conference poster, but not quite. it's like in two weeks. the committee made it a little harder on me this time. the concept hasn't been as easy to come up with.

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