ghetto chews

a rich creamy chew full of the ghetto. colorful and bright as the noonday sun.

i'm in good spirits, but nervous. i actually got to go and vote this afternoon. i was concerned about the process because earlier in august i sent my voter's registration card back with a change of address. i never received anything back from the election commission. so this morning i got on the www and got the telephone number, so that i could call and ask if i was on the list. sure enough. i didn't have to show my card or license. i went to mlk blvd a ghetto sortof place in which i became the minority. i was excited and felt liberated by the act of voting. all of this time spent reading, listening, analyzing and dreading the day and the burden has finally been lifted. so much of my anxiety has nothing really to do with who wins/loses, it has more to do with my ability to take responsibility for what actually happens. now that i've made my choice i am free from defending or offending. it is over and there is nothing i can do about it now. i'm not as concerned about waiting the evening out either. it is easy to say that everything happens for a reason, sometimes it's harder to believe, but i'm reminding myself that my affection or disgust will not make a difference. it is my heart that prepares a way for me in peace and trust.

so maybe i was a little harsh or stoic in my approach to the 2004 Election yesterday. i was asking myself those sorts of questions. one thing that settled my thoughts a bit was frontline. it was less of an attack on either candidate and more of historical account. it really pointed out the positive and the negative aspects of each bush and kerry. i liked the documentary style too, but that's beside the point.

oh and please look at this. i love this little boy. i love this little boy. i was fortunate enough to watch him come into this world. he won't like me very much when he gets older. i won't be as cool to play with, but he's having a baby brother or sister soon and i'll be falling in love all over again. i'm hoping sort of that i won't be in honolulu quite yet so that i can see this new baby in may. i also have the 4Bridges to look forward to. i'm outta here. peace brothers and sisters.

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45Revolver said...

Congrats on winning the big vote babeuh! You picked the winner!

Those pics of Josiah are too cute!