in the red

oh my body is weary, my vision of the weekend is blurry. if there was ever a busy weekend this was it. i went and saw the incredibles on friday evening. i thought the movie went really well. i may have been the only one laughing a couple of times though, so maybe it wasn't that good for everyone. dash was the cutest and violet reminded me of erin p. after the movie i went to lamar's as i said i would and saw jairus play. my friend georgia has moved back from ashville, which is fairly nice. laurie and ann were there too. on saturday i did nothing. absolutely nothing until m.k. came over to cut my hair. now it is short and manageable. no more ponytails.

saturday night i went bowling with chris and beth. we did the 12am-3am, $13 buckaroos for all you can bowl. i'd say that i'm a good bowler. but maybe it has more to do with the fact that i'm not throwing the ball down the lanes. sunday was family day and catchup on sleep day. i can't wait until the holiday day. i'm not working but tomorrow and half a day on wednesday. i'm baking for thursday. i'm looking at a pumpkin cheesecake to take the place of a pie. we're actually going to attempt to eat outside this year. the weather has been rainy and unpredictable, but fairly mild. my aunt c. has a nice big back yard and a large firepit. we're going to build a big ole' fire and cover the large picnic table and WHALA! i got to talk with kate and jen both this weekend which was really nice. jen is making tons of cards to sell in a museum down in lakeland.

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