moe of mae for me

on monday or tuesday of last week i got home from work and found in my box a wee from hillary. i was so excited that i spent the rest of my holiday introducing moe of mae to everyone, family and friends. she went to thanksgiving dinner with me and to my parentals house and everywhere. now she's snuggled up under the warmth of my desklamp.

when i first got mae i thought her name was moe. but then with help i realized her name was actually mae. so now i really enjoy just saying moe of mae for me. i love her and will cherish her forever. make sure you go and see hillary's other wonderful things. you won't be disappointed. ever.

i've been busy as i mentioned. i spent most of my holi-daze at home playing zoo tycoon. but on friday evening kate, joel, aaron, and laurie came over. so i spent a whole bunch of my time cleaning up my collage mess. i also changed the sheets on my bed and repotted a christmas cactus. i didn't have any soil so i used clementine peels and coffee grounds. it works well, i did it with my banana tree and the leaves are huge. i even have a tiny baby banana tree coming up on the side. i watched a whole bunch of television too, but i mostly just constructed a bunch of zoos. i finally thought to increase my beginning budget. so on the last zoo i started with a five hundred thousand budget. easy, but too cool for school.

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