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i barely remember where i left off last week. i think i was beginning to feel badly because i was spending quite a bit of time with the www and not working as consistently. i mentioned that last week i took the majority of my work to framewrights to have slides made and framing done. i was so excited about taking a large body of work to be framed. this whole time i've had my painting framed in plexi-glass and paper binders. it's worked well for me, but the time has come to step up. i can't wait to see the portrait of josiah framed, as well as the hawaiian inspired piece. i took the portrait of aaron and the bird for slides. i especially want to have prints made or the pieces printed for cards. the slides, along with my application are due on november 19th, so i'll let you know as things develop.

on friday i spent the evening at home alone. i was invited to a party but i had felt badly all day on friday, so i decided to go to the main street conoco and by a forty of beer. just a little bit o' beer is nice every once in a while. on saturday, i was so lazy, except i made a ton of paper flowers. i've been experimenting and i finally think i've come up with a plan for making garland with the paper flowers and pipe cleaner. kate made some really cute garland out of paper that i think she should try and take a picture of and post on new eyes. i made so many flowers i was quite sure of what to do with them all and they're sort of christmas-y. on saturday evening my sister in law m.c. had a party for my brother ethan. it is actually his birthday today and monamieta's (my mom) birthday tomorrow. they live on the creek and so ethan built a huge bonfire and we just sat around until about midnight or so. it was a nice time. i mostly talked with katie huffine and l.c. i was planning on going to church on sunday morning but it was a no go. instead i made a ton more flowers. i think i must of made about thirty or forty. yikes. i decided i'd take them to tina at blueskies. when i got to blueskies they were already closed, but ginger and tina were counting down the register. so they let me in. i gave the flowers to tina and she asked me if she could sell them. i said "NO!" she asked why and i told her i was actually working on something a little bit more special for the holidays, but that i brought them so that she could decorate her custom gift wrapping. she asked me how long it took me to make the flowers, probably 5-10 minutes each flower, they she said that she could do whatever she wanted with them because i'd given them to her. she is quite generous and i didn't want her to think i was being pushy with my product or whatever you want to call.

i also have gathered some wonderful bits of fabric together for wee. i can't wait until she sees the stuff i'm sending. i used to do nervous exchanges, but it seemed as though must of the people on nervousness are younger and a little less creative. so i was always putting a lot of time and effort into the exchange and inturn only getting a little bit of blah. now i just want to give something back to wee for all of the great work. i know she already has some wonderful fabric, so i'm not so sure the stuff i'm sending her will stand out any but, who knows. i'm just thrilled to help.

the other exciting thing is that i've finally got a camera for blog photos. the only catch is that the card only holds 15 photographs. i'll have to go to the parentals each time i want the photos on my flickr account or the disk. but the above photo is a very crappy example of the flowers i make. actually we scanned the flower on my dad's scanner. i like the rough pixelation thought. this was an addition to one of my mom's birthday presents.

on sunday evening all of the fam collier went to the parentals house. we celebrated ethan's and mom's 50th. very fun to see all of the family gather together. i gave my mom some very nice martha steward placemats from kmart. i noticed that martha's prices are down. has anyone else noticed. i saw that wee bought some of the same wrapping paper i did, but it also seemed like kmart didn't want to buy too much martha stock to put on the xmas shelves. possibly because they're afraid the sales will be low. oh i'd encourage you to go out and buy her cute little things. it is amazing to me that her corporation has such a ear to the decorative/crafty/homemaker pulse. i also had uncle david look up vintage christmas candles on ebay. you wouldn't believe it. he got about forty or fifty candles. my aunt and i split them. martha just had a feature in her xmas magazine. i just thought i would be interesting to see how available the candles are. there are so many and they are generally really cheap. i might give a few as gifts for the holidays. but i doubt it, i'm sure alot of people don't have the same taste i do for the age-yness of the faded wax.

well it's another week.

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